Floor Systems
Bear Heavy Responsibilities Effortlessly
The galvanized steel sheet is roll formed,
of which the cross-section is designed into trapezoidal,
inverted trapezoid or other similar shaped waves,
which is used as a permanent support for floor formwork in construction.

It is not only a permanent support for the floor formwork,
but also able to work with cast-in-place concrete based on design,
to become a permanent part of the building.

The floor formworks of Wiskind are divided into two types:
open floor deck and closed floor deck.
With regard to application method,
it is divided into 2 types. One is that it is only used
as a formwork for cast-in-place concrete floors during construction,
as non-composite floor deck;

the other is that it is not only used as a construction formwork,
but after the floor concrete reaches the designed strength,
the profiled steel panel is able to take the place of the steel bars at the bottom
of floor deck to work with the concrete and form a composite floor that saves the steel bars at the bottom of the deck.

The composite floor deck made of profiled steel panel
and concrete is a new type of structural member,
and currently is mainly used in high-rise steel structures,
as well as steel-concrete composite structures.
Floor Deck-Opened

Floor Deck-Opened

Floor Deck-Closed

Floor Deck-Closed



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