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To celebrate the 43rd anniversary of Wiskind, join hands to create a glorious chapter

2022 / 03 / 23

Things have changed, time flies, in this crisp autumn, Wiskind group has been founded 43 years ago.

In so many years, Wiskind has always been green building materials, assembly construction and humanized space as the product concept, adhering to the value of "Mutual Success Through Sincerity & Integrity", with exquisite skills and sincere attitude, has won the respect and praise of customers, peers and all walks of life.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章

Wiskind was originally born in 1978 in Xingfu Town, Lubei, China. In its early days, it made its fortune as a sheet metal processing workshop. In the 1980s, it began to engage in the trade and processing of hot-dip galvanized steel plate, which was the pioneer of this industry in China.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章

In the following years, Wiskind mainly engaged in construction steel products and cold-rolled steel coil manufacturing, coated steel trade and other businesses, becoming a research and development, manufacturing, service and trade as one of the group company. Its construction steel products are widely used in industrial manufacturing, logistics and storage, modern agriculture, public buildings, transportation and commercial facilities and other fields.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章

Looking back on the 43 years of development, Wiskind has always taken "innovation" as the first driving force and always walked in the forefront of the new industrial era. The innovation Center, which opened this year at the shandong headquarters, is a strong witness.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章

The innovation center has been established in shandong headquarters

With a floor area of 5,000 square meters, the innovation Center is dedicated to the development and testing of prefabricated building metal enclosure system components. It has various specialized laboratories of mechanics, thermal engineering, environment, metal materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, organic materials, etc., providing perfect test and testing conditions for the development of high-quality construction products.

The overall building is solemn and dynamic. It is divided into four floors, including the lobby on the first floor, creative space on the second floor, laboratory on the third floor and office space on the fourth floor. The exterior protection design of the whole innovation Center, from the wall to the roof, almost includes dozens of newly developed and best-selling series of protection products of mastercard.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章


The south facade is covered with a glass curtain wall, embossing and three-dimensional appearance and clear geometric lines, presenting a rhythmic visual language.

The transparent vertical ultra white glass and the Brilliant Insulated Curtain Wall alternate between virtual and solid, creating a lightness like the veil, but also increase the effect of shading.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章

At the top of the parapet, W38 Roof Bottom Plate is applied to the wall, using the concave and convex characteristics of the plate and the use of bending pieces, showing an obvious folding Angle, creating a three-dimensional sense of dislocation, and forming a response to the rhythm of the facade.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章


W38 Roof Bottom Plate on the west facade is painted with bright color coating, which weakens the amplification effect of the western sun on the surface flatness. The clean tone reveals the texture of introverted, and the inclined red color blocks are blended in between. The strong color impact brings vividness and freshness to the building body.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章

The perforated aluminium panels in the stairwell on the west side of the facade create a sense of layering by the size of the pores, adding a distinctive spatial feel to both inside and outside.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章


The east facade is lined with white CASSETTE™ Broken Bridge Sandwich Panel, which has excellent watertight performance and presents a simple modern flavor.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章


The north facade is tiled with COLORGEM® Sandwich Panel that combine only prefabricated unit wall panels with structural columns to form a purlin less system.

The low saturation morandi gradient color system, from top to bottom, from light to deep, is to outline the low-key, deep architectural style.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章

The inside of the purlin less system on the north facade is a test workshop that runs through four floors, with spaced glass Windows bringing natural light to the interior.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章

Bright and clean interior space

Entering the room, the suspended ceiling adopts Endure® Cleanroom Panel, with minimalist lines showing tension, pure and clear and excellent functionality. Orange serves as the theme color of Wiskind is embellished in each area, the armrest of both sides and the single person sofa that relies on a window let a person feel more energy.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章

The sixth workshop located next to the innovation center is also full of sense of volume, combined with the rounded edge showing a majestic sense of science and technology.

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章

Building for Beauty and Eternity

The fourth scientific and technological revolution is just around the corner, and the smart factory of Wiskind in Jiangsu province is about to open, building a brand new future through intelligent manufacturing.

Just like the slogan "Building for Beauty and Eternity", we never forget our original intention, adhere to the accumulation of excellent traditional culture, carry forward the craftsmanship spirit of excellence, and strive to become a respected and sustainable enterprise.

43 years of spring and autumn replacement, 15,695 days of continuous struggle, brought up today's results. In the new journey, Wiskind will also carry out the ingenuity, make concerted efforts, grand plans, and build a better dream group with a more dynamic attitude!

万事达 43 周年庆,携手同心铸华章

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