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Big update! Steel Plus wechat official account added "Supplier access function"

2022 / 03 / 23

Wiskind Group was founded in 1978, mainly engaged in construction steel products and cold rolled steel coil manufacturing, coated steel trade and other businesses. Shandong Wiskind Construction Steel Products Co., LTD., under the group, is a professional manufacturer and service provider of metal enclosure and steel structure products, and a national high-tech enterprise.

The development of wiskind over 40 years cannot be achieved without excellent partners. In order to provide an access platform for suppliers who are interested in cooperation, we have added the supplier access function on our steel product + wechat official account. It is convenient for excellent suppliers to cooperate with us. Please see the dynamic diagram below to learn how to register the supplier of Wiskind Steel Products Company!

Big update! Steel Plus wechat official account added Supplier access function(图1)

You can search "钢品+" in wechat official account and select 钢品+ official account. Click 钢品+ "we" module, click to enter the "Supplier access" function, according to the prompts for registration. Very simple! After submitting the information, we will have a special person to contact you!

Big update! Steel Plus wechat official account added Supplier access function(图2)

Wiskind has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "Mutual Success Through Sincerity & Integrity", with exquisite skills and sincere attitude, won the respect and praise of customers, peers and all walks of life.

With the joining of more excellent suppliers, the synergy in the construction steel supply chain of Wiskind will continue to be amplified and win-win results will be achieved through deepening cooperation. Our cooperation is worth looking forward to!

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