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New revision, officially online!

2022 / 04 / 02

Wiskind Architectural Steel website, comprehensive upgrade revision

More surprises, we invite you to witness!

The new experience is refreshing

The new website has carried out a comprehensive innovation to the overall content section, page structure and style tone.


With more concise and atmospheric interface design and reasonable layout mode, improve the overall visual effect of the site, and strive to bring you a better sense of sight and use experience.

The section is clear and the process is convenient

The new website through a clear layout, comprehensive, multi-level, comprehensive introduction of mastercard steel products, products and services, classic cases, dynamic information and other content, to meet your various needs.

Home page

The revised site is richer in content and clearer in structure. The home page is divided into four parts of "brand, product, case and information", through which you can learn the core information.


In addition, the entrance of "Supplier access" is added in the right suspension window and the bottom of the page to provide an access platform for suppliers who are interested in cooperation, so as to facilitate the interconnection and cooperation between excellent suppliers and us.


The revised top navigation bar is divided into five parts: About us, products and services, classic cases, dynamic information and contact us, the following will take you to understand one by one.

About us

In the "About us" section, you can clearly understand the development history of Mastercard, Shandong manufacturing base, Jiangsu manufacturing base, innovation center, construction steel exhibition hall and the relevant content of the honorary certificate.


There are more than one video at the bottom, vivid and meticulous for you to present a visual feast.



Through the "products and Services" section, you can have a comprehensive understanding of all products of Mastercard wall system, roof system, floor system, building steel structure, clean room maintenance, cold storage enclosure, modular box room, and comprehensive solutions. It also contains simple product photo displays and detailed product descriptions, which are available at the click of a mouse.全新改版,正式上线!(图6)

Classic Case

In the "Classic Case" section, there are mastercard projects in various fields, as well as project-related products, colors, project information and other content. You can also select "Application field, Product series, city, Color" from the drop-down menu bar at the top to accurately meet your needs.


Dynamic information

To get first-hand information, click on "News", which is divided into newsletters, industry news, special reports, announcements, job vacancies, providing a clear reading screen.


Contact us

In the "Contact us" section, you can easily get our phone number and email address, and scan the QR code on the screen to enter our official account for more information.


Swipe down to connect with us online via "Leave a message online".


Media convergence synchronous browsing

After the revision, the new website can also be browsed by mobile phone, which is more suitable for mobile application scenarios and provides more convenient services.


We will continue to adapt to the new era

And the various needs of high quality development of the company

Continuous innovation to improve service experience

Brand new company website

Come and experience it!


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