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Authoritative attestation | wiskind by CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate

2023 / 03 / 16

01 Good News

Recently, wiskind Test Center successfully passed the audit of China National Accreditation Administration for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and was awarded the Laboratory Accreditation Certificate (Registration number: CNAS L17921). This marks the national and international recognition of wiskind test Center management level and testing capabilities.

02 What is CNAS?

CNAS, the full name of which is China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment, is a national accreditation body approved and confirmed by the Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) according to law. By the CNAS unified implementation of certification bodies, laboratories and inspection bodies and other related institutions accreditation work.

Authoritative attestation | wiskind by CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate(图1)

International laboratory accreditation cooperation Organization (English abbreviation ILAC) is the international organization between laboratory accreditation bodies. As a member of the ILAC, the accreditation certificates issued by CNAS are recognized nationally and globally. After the CNAS certificate is issued, the test results issued by wiskind Test Center can be accepted by the purchaser, regulatory authorities, consumers and other relevant parties.

03 recognition of strength

Wiskind Test Center, based on the construction of wiskind Innovation Research Institute, can carry out mechanical, chemical, building physics, non-metallic materials, metal materials and other testing work. The test center has more than 100 sets of domestic and foreign advanced test equipment and instruments, which can simulate earthquake, typhoon, rainstorm, fire and other natural disasters, and conduct comprehensive evaluation and test on the safety performance of construction products. The equipment technology level has reached the advanced international counterparts.

Authoritative attestation | wiskind by CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate(图2)

After more than ten years of development, wiskind Innovation Research Institute testing center has a high-level of building materials products research, testing and professional technical team, strong comprehensive strength in addition to the CNAS recognition, China Building Metal Structure Association metal house (wall) surface system designated testing laboratory, Shandong Province enterprise technology center, Binzhou Metal Building Envelope System Engineering Technology Research Center.

The CNAS recognition certificate, recognition coverage (more than 20 testing items), is not only the wiskind of the high level of equipment technology affirmation, but also the laboratory quality management system verification and recognition, consolidating the quality and credibility of Wiskind external service. CNAS provides a solid guarantee for wiskind to continue to improve its testing capabilities, enhance the safety of construction products, and drive high quality development. The innovative technologies developed by wiskind are rigorously tested, the quality of our products is stable and reliable, and the solutions we provide are proven.

In the future, wiskind will continue to innovate and stay true to its original aspiration. Adhere to the "all for the customer's comfort, rest assured and glory" commitment, become the customer can trust, can rely on the enterprise!

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