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2022 / 06 / 01

National Development and Reform Commission, National Energy Administration: By 2025, the rooftop pv coverage of new public institutions will reach 50%

The National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the Implementation Plan on Promoting high-quality Development of New Energy in the New Era to promote the application of new energy in industry and construction. In industrial enterprises and industrial parks where conditions permit, we will accelerate the development of new energy projects such as distributed photovoltaic and decentralized wind power, support the development of green industrial microgrids and the integration of power, storage and storage of source networks, promote the complementary and efficient use of multiple energy sources, carry out trials of direct electricity supply from new energy sources, and increase the proportion of new energy in end-use energy. We will promote the in-depth integration of solar energy and architecture. We will improve the integrated application technology system of photovoltaic buildings and expand the consumer group of photovoltaic power production. By 2025, the rooftop pv coverage of new buildings in public institutions should reach 50 percent; Public institutions are encouraged to install photovoltaic or solar thermal facilities in existing buildings.


The Implementation Plan for Promoting High-quality Development of New Energy in the New Era was published

On May 30, the State Council on forwarding the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration on promoting the development of a new era of new energy quality implementation plan "(hereinafter referred to as the" implementation plan "), to anchor in 2030 China's wind power, solar power generation with a total installed capacity of 1.2 billion kw or more targets, speed up the construction of clean and low carbon, safe and efficient energy system.

The plan puts forward 21 specific policy measures in seven aspects. One is the innovation of new energy development and utilization mode, the second is to speed up the building to adapt to the new energy of gradually improve a new type of power system, the third is we will deepen reform of the new energy field "pipes" and four is support to guide the healthy and orderly development of new energy industry, five is the guarantee of new energy development and reasonable space requirements, six is give full play to the ecological environment protection of the new energy efficiency, Seventh, improve fiscal and financial policies to support the development of new energy.


Opinions on Promoting Urbanization construction with County towns as An Important Carrier was published

The General Offices of the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and The State Council have issued opinions on promoting urbanization construction with county towns as important carriers.

Suggestions: promote low-carbon production and living. We will promote clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient use of energy, guide non-fossil energy consumption and the development of distributed energy, and promote distributed rooftop photovoltaic power generation in areas where conditions permit. We will resolutely curb the blind development of projects involving high energy consumption, high energy consumption, and high energy consumption, and further promote the recycling of industrial parks. We will vigorously develop green buildings, promote prefabricated buildings, energy-efficient doors and Windows, green building materials, and green lighting, and promote green construction across the board.


The State Council issued a document giving priority to supporting large clean energy bases

On May 25, the Central People's Government issued the Opinions of The General Office of the State Council on Further revitalizing stock assets and expanding effective investment. The guideline points out that priority should be given to revitalizing the assets of infrastructure projects with a large inventory, good current returns or great growth potential, including transportation, water conservancy, clean energy, low-income rental housing, water, electricity, heat and other municipal facilities, ecological and environmental protection, industrial parks, warehousing and logistics, tourism and new infrastructure.

We will provide targeted and effective support for new projects. Deposit quantity will allocate a new project of the construction of the asset recovery funds, priority support clean energy base, integrated transportation and logistics hub, large, environmental infrastructure, "an old small" in key areas such as project, key support "difference" 102 major project planning, priority investment projects under construction or conform to the requirements of the relevant planning and ecological environmental protection and mature project prophase work. Relevant departments should speed up the handling of pre-work procedures, such as project approval and filing, site selection planning, land use and sea use, environmental impact assessment and construction permit, so as to facilitate the implementation of projects as soon as possible and form physical work volume.


The National Development and Reform Commission allocated 1.57 billion yuan to support major projects in the Xiongan New Area

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei special in 2022 the first batch of central budgetary investment of 1.57 billion yuan, closely around the capital support services Beijing function organization, support the male Ann district transportation channel projects in the start area, RongDong and comprehensive utility tunnel engineering, and the ground for relief project to strengthen the public service facilities to ensure the project construction.


The 14th Five-year Plan of Shanghai Municipality for The Development of Resources Conservation and Circular Economy was published

Recently, The Shanghai Municipal People's Government issued the "14th Five-year Plan of Resources Conservation and Circular Economy Development in Shanghai", which put forward the main tasks of promoting energy and resources conservation, deepening energy conservation and consumption reduction in buildings, and establishing comprehensive renewable energy consumption accounting standards and supporting design and acceptance management system. Starting from 2022, The proportion of pv installed on the roof of newly built party and government offices, schools, industrial plants and other buildings shall not be less than 50%, and that of other types of newly built public buildings shall not be less than 30%. We will improve the standard system for ultra-low-energy buildings, and promote at least 8 million square meters of demonstration projects for ultra-low-energy buildings.


Jiangsu Province and the Ministry of Science and Technology launched the key project of "ministry-province linkage" in the field of dual carbon

On May 8, jiangsu Province and the Ministry of Science and Technology recently signed the first ministry-province linkage framework agreement on dual carbon fields, in order to implement the national carbon peak and carbon neutral major strategy, strengthen the support and guidance of scientific and technological innovation to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutral goal, and accelerate the pace of green and low-carbon industry transformation in Jiangsu province. The two sides agreed to jointly implement key projects of the national KEY RESEARCH and development program, namely, Renewable Energy Technology and Advanced Structure and Composite Materials, jointly push forward key technologies in the field of new energy and new materials, and explore the establishment of a new mechanism for joint implementation of major national RESEARCH and development tasks by ministries and provinces.


Suzhou: state - funded factory 100% pv installation!

In order to accelerate the development and utilization of photovoltaic power generation in Suzhou, implement the national energy security strategy, and focus on the target tasks of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, suzhou Municipal Government Office issued the working opinions on accelerating the development and utilization of photovoltaic power generation in Suzhou. Comments made:

1. About state-owned enterprises: 100% installation of state-funded standard plant;

2. Organs and units: Party and government organs, cultural and sports facilities, schools and hospitals, etc.

3, industrial enterprises: annual power consumption of more than 10 million KWH of industrial enterprises "should be built";

4, commercial enterprises: the annual electricity consumption of more than 5 million KWH of commercial enterprises "should be built";

5. New plant: new industrial buildings of more than 3000 square meters shall be designed and installed synchronously;

6. Focus on sorting out development zones, industrial parks and energy-consuming enterprises and develop them in an orderly manner;

7. Simplify the grid-connection process of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects.

8. Power grid enterprises should optimize the planning, design and operation of distribution network, improve the intelligence level of distribution network and simplify the grid-connection process of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects. The power supply company shall complete the grid connection within 5 working days after receiving the acceptance and debugging application of natural person; After receiving the application for grid acceptance and commissioning of non-natural persons, the grid connection shall be completed within 15 working days, and the grid connection shall be included in the assessment of power access business environment.


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