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Epidemic prevention and control, the national enterprises to bear the responsibility!

2022 / 04 / 20

Since early March this year, the epidemic has spread in many parts of China. In the fight against the epidemic, national enterprises from all walks of life have made great contributions to support in different ways, starting the battle against the epidemic prevention and control.

National enterprises show their responsibility

Jingdong, Master.Kong, Jinmai Lang, Yonghui...... As well as countless caring enterprises support, let us see that national enterprises always rush to the front line.


Some enterprises in the front line to participate in the distribution of relief supplies every minute; Some enterprises work overtime to meet the needs of production materials; Some enterprises mobilize the full strength of donations and materials, through different channels to the front. Although many enterprises are facing problems such as increased costs and sluggish sales due to the impact of the epidemic, they are still taking active actions and taking the lead, which fully reflects the social responsibility and responsibility of national enterprises.

A good enterprise is one that thinks of the people

Today we will talk about Xiping Lingxiu Apparel Internet of Things Co., LTD., a large professional women's pants group integrating technical research and development, production and manufacturing, marketing and brand operation. The company is featured by "digital production, intelligent drive, process visualization, shared production capacity and coordinated logistics".


It is also a national enterprise with a sense of corporate responsibility. In 2020, when the epidemic was serious, Lingxiu apparel was approved to produce class I and Class II medical devices, and to produce masks, disposable medical isolation gowns and medical protective clothing across the border to meet the needs of the people.


First class office environment

Xiping Lingxiu Apparel Internet of Things is one of the first enterprises to settle in Xiping Zhishang Industrial Park. Its office building uses Wiskind COLORCURTAIN®  Sandwich Panel Wall as exterior wall, which has good performance and excellent modeling sense.


This is a set of fire prevention, heat preservation, decoration as one of the metal insulation curtain wall board, and green environmental protection can be recycled.


COLORCURTAIN®  Sandwich Panel Wall adopts discontinuous line production process, with excellent flatness and crisp visual effect. And the board adopts high-quality roller coated aluminum plate, with good corrosion resistance, improve the service life of the building as a whole.


In the design of the office building, the client requested a slanted facade with two sides to enhance the uniqueness of the appearance. Wiskind COLORCURTAIN®  Sandwich Panel Wall, with excellent machining performance, perfectly answered the client's needs through customized parallelogram panels.


All plates are factory prefabricated and modular installed to minimize on-site operations and improve construction efficiency.


△Delta elevation

The unique insertion mode ensures good waterproof performance while realizing separate and rapid replacement of plate.


△Delta node figure

The combination of contrasting colors also endows the overall appearance with a vibrant temperament.


Lingxiu, an international brand that went out from Xiping, not only guaranteed the supply of protective equipment during the epidemic, but also stayed true to its original mission and returned to its hometown to increase job opportunities for local people and sincerely repay the local people.



In fact, disaster relief is only a small part of corporate social responsibility. For most enterprises that have entered the mature stage of development, they can also provide their own strength to promote national education and promote industrial upgrading by improving technological level, etc., which are all things that enterprises can do.

We believe that in the future, our national enterprises will continue to start from their own advantages, and constantly improve their ability to practice social responsibility, and constantly promote the better development of society!


Xiping Lingxiu Apparel Internet of Things Co., LTD

Application system: COLORCURTAIN®  Sandwich Panel Wall

Application: external wall

Color: blue, orange

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