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Wiskind cold storage panel case sharing

2022 / 07 / 27
Cold storage is mainly composed of refrigeration system, insulation system, and control system. The cold storage enclosure system is the main component of the cold storage, and the main product is the energy-saving cold storage insulation board. The quality of the material determines the safety and heat preservation and energy saving effect of the cold storage building.

Wiskind cold storage panel

Wiskind cold storage panel is a new generation of polyurethane PIR pentane B1 as the core material, choi steel or stainless steel plate as the surface material of new type of composite panels, with low thermal conductivity, good resistance to load, high obturator rate, flame retardant performance, the advantages of wide scope of heat-resistant, which can effectively prevent the cold storage library body spread of cold quantity caused by internal and external temperature difference is bigger, so that the cold storage more energy efficient, Improve the efficiency of cold storage, mainly applicable to food, slaughter, medicine, cold chain logistics and other industries.
Wiskind cold storage panels are used in the following 3 projects. Read on below

Inner Mongolia Chifeng Lexus potato Intelligent raw material Warehouse



Shanghai Evergrande Modern Agricultural Industrial Park


Sinotrans Qingdao



The great development of the cold chain logistics industry has directly driven the prosperity and development of the cold storage enclosure system energy saving, heat insulation and thermal insulation material industry. Wiskind has a number of production bases in China, the introduction of a number of world advanced manufacturing technology level of production equipment, such as: PUMA/OMS/RAS, to provide customized solutions for different application products, different production lines.. The above equipment has high precision, precise processing, high automation level, convenient dynamic adjustment, fast response speed, high production efficiency, and more green environmental protection, which provides a good hardware support for the production of high-quality plates.

In the future, Wiskind will also adhere to the "building lasting beauty, create a better life", do our best to provide customers with complete solutions from processing to storage.

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