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Modern industrial park metal curtain wall design, enabling the development of emerging industries!

2022 / 08 / 18

In recent years, by continuously increasing investment in basic research and strengthening efforts to tackle key core technologies, China will further unleash the vitality of independent innovation in strategic emerging industries in the future. Key areas such as new-generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, new-energy vehicles and digital creativity have all achieved rapid development driven by many new growth drivers.


Modern industrial Park - Jimo Bei 'an Industrial Park

In such an environment, a large number of high-quality modern industrial parks have emerged throughout the country. Such is the case with Jimo Beian Industrial Park, which focuses on the development of high and new technologies and strategic emerging industries, and the construction of a new type of park has set sail.


(effect picture)

The park has a number of leading industries such as new energy vehicles, new materials, high-end equipment and rail transit.


Building facade ▼


Roof plan ▼


Node figure ▼


Excellent curtain wall system

The exterior wall of the project uses wiskind COLORSPAR® Sandwich Panel, the use area of 50,000 square meters, with good heat preservation, wind resistance, fire resistance, sound insulation effect is good, effectively reduce the interference of external noise.


Wiskind COLORSPAR® Sandwich Panel adopts a new generation of staggered double support jaws, no thermal bridge conduction, bringing super wind resistance and air tightness. And the closed cavity avoids capillary seepage and plays the role of waterproof and air isolation.


Precast foam with PVC+ aluminum foil tape edge sealing, in the presence of better water resistance, but also more economical.


In addition, the polyurethane sealing edge used by COLORSPAR® Sandwich Panel can prevent the core material from reducing strength due to moisture absorption, and the thermal conductivity is lower, so that the insulation performance is more durable.


The design of the four sides of the toning brings excellent flatness to the board, fully showing the sensory effect played by the metal curtain wallboard in the building.


The color of the exterior wall is composed of iron blue gray and white, which perfectly harmonizes the calm of the dark color with the lightness of the light color, creating a neat and refreshing overall atmosphere.



In recent years, positive results have been achieved in the development of China's strategic emerging industries. We believe that in the long term, with the strong promotion of various regions and departments, China's independent innovation vitality will be further unleashed.

Jimo Beian Industrial Park

Application system: COLORSPAR® Sandwich Panel

Application: External wall

Area: 50,000 square meters

Color: white, iron gray

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