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What does a rigid and flexible sandwich panel roofing system look like?

2022 / 09 / 26

Lexi Oriental Yuhong is a production, R&D and logistics base located in the middle of Jiaozhou Peninsula, Qingdao. Founded in May 2016, covers an area of 233,300 square meters, with a total construction area of 169,000 square meters. The total investment of the project is 1.2 billion yuan. The project has built an annual output of 48 million square meters of asphalt waterproof coil, 460,000 tons of waterproof coating products, 10 million square meters of polymer TPO products production lines.

Oriental Yuhong is in Qingdao

As a leading waterproof material manufacturer in China, Oriental Yuhong's products are widely used in housing construction, high-speed rail and subway, airport, bridge and tunnel, sponge city, urban pipe corridor, prefabricated building and other fields.

The establishment of the factory in Qingdao will further expand the company's production capacity in East China, promote the continuous optimization of capacity distribution, and promote the realization of the strategic goal of "penetrating the whole country". At the same time, it also serves as a research and development platform, attracting local technical talents and contributing to urban construction and regional economic development.


Quality material selection from the outside to the inside

In 2017, Oriental Yuhong invested 102 million yuan to build Asia's first complete TPO(thermoplastic polyolefin) production line here. BiTOP® prefabricated membrane roof systems, the first joint project between Wiskind and Oriental Yuhong, is used to store imported resin from Lyondellbasell, the main raw material for TPO coils.

The warehouse covers an area of 6341.5 square meters, including 2 fire zones. Visually, the white roof renders a pure atmospheric texture and also fits perfectly with the facade of the building.

What does a rigid and flexible sandwich panel roofing system look like?(图2)

The BiTOP® prefabricated membrane roof systems used is a new integrated, prefabricated flexible roofing system. It is a self-supporting composite plate composed of TPO coil and pressed steel plate as the surface layer, and a special rock wool core material bonded between the surface layer. Manufactured ON the continuous sandwich panel production line in the factory, it is a fabricated building material product with advantages of different materials.

What does a rigid and flexible sandwich panel roofing system look like?(图3)

Prefabricated roofing system

In addition to excellent performance, its assembly attributes are also a highlight. The panels are integrated products prefabricated in mastercard's factory and installed in three simple steps: position, nail and weld.

What does a rigid and flexible sandwich panel roofing system look like?(图4)

The prefabricated roofing system relies on the pre-construction of products in the factory, which avoids the waste of materials caused by the traditional roofing system construction site, reduces the generation of construction waste, and has the characteristics of green and energy saving. And the construction time is also greatly shortened, reducing the labor cost. Moreover, the installation process is less, and the waterproof of the plate will not be destroyed in the construction process.

What does a rigid and flexible sandwich panel roofing system look like?(图5)


Under the background of double carbon, prefabricated buildings have become an indispensable part in the construction of low-carbon cities. Mastercard has been working for more than 40 years and has always been innovative. In recent years, following the dual carbon goal, mastercard has launched a series of fabricated steel roofing structures.

From the former "manual" labor to today's intelligent manufacturing industry 4.0, prefabricated buildings realize a leap in production mode. In the future, wiskind will also provide customers with better products and services through unremitting pioneering and innovation, and provide more solid power for the realization of the double carbon goal.

To learn more about BiTOP® prefabricated membrane roof systems, please pay attention to the next issue of push ~

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