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Wiskind helps build prefabricated steel structure campus

2023 / 06 / 07

The road we have walked through will eventually be bustling everywhere in June, and the horn of the college entrance examination has sounded!

Dancing the pen of knowledge in the bright examination room, that is your final sprint!


Wiskind helps build prefabricated steel structure campus(图1)



From secondary school to university


For many students, the college entrance examination is a concentrated reflection of their more than ten years of learning career and hard work, and it is crucial to establish their own future planning.


From middle school to university, a good campus environment is an important support for students' future development.


Architecture is the triumph of man over materials, methods and human imagination.

-- Frank Lloyd Wright



Fabricated campus


How to create a good educational environment? Assembled steel structure technology may provide a new solution for this.

Compared with the traditional building mode, the prefabricated steel structure school project can effectively improve the speed and quality of construction, and its seismic performance, durability, safety and other aspects are far greater than traditional buildings.

The school projects that wiskind participated in the construction of have adopted prefabricated steel structures, such as the Rail Transit Research Institute of Beijing Jiaotong University and the new generation of semiconductor research and development center at the central campus of Shandong University. This technology can not only improve the quality of construction, but also meet the requirements of sustainable development.


Wiskind helps build prefabricated steel structure campus(图2)

 Beijing Jiaotong University Rail Transit Research Institute


There are many advantages in these prefabricated steel structure school projects, which are manufactured in a factory and assembled on site. First of all, we can achieve higher standards in environmental protection, choose environmentally friendly materials that meet national standards, ensure that the construction process is pollution-free, and reduce the content of pollutants such as carbon dioxide emissions.


Secondly, the construction period is shorter, which greatly improves the efficiency of building installation. Most importantly, it also has higher earthquake resistance, which can ensure that students and teachers can still learn and live safely in natural disasters and harsh weather conditions.


Wiskind helps build prefabricated steel structure campus(图3)

 Shandong University new generation semiconductor research and development center


The wiskind Licai series sandwich panel wall system used in the project integrates fire prevention, heat preservation and decoration, with superior flatness and broad visual effect. It can not only realize the functional requirements of school building safety, comfort and environmental protection, but also give it a unique aesthetic effect.


Wiskind helps build prefabricated steel structure campus(图4)

 Shandong Linyi Sixth Middle School


Wiskind metal exterior wall products are highly original in terms of material structure, system design, and manufacturing process. Its advanced prefabricated building design concept gives full play to the advantages of standardized design, factory processing and modular construction.


Wiskind helps build prefabricated steel structure campus(图5)

Shandong Linyi eleventh Middle School


Wiskind believes that the construction of prefabricated steel structures will usher in a wider range of applications.

In the future, wiskind will also adhere to the green energy-saving new materials to empower China's manufacturing industry, continue to help build high-quality, safer green and low-carbon campus, while breeding a new generation of talents, but also convey our green environmental protection concept and innovation spirit, and contribute more to sustainable development.


Finally, Wiskind wishes the students a golden list and a bright future!

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