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Gather·Change丨Explore campus renewal from the perspective of urban renewal

2023 / 06 / 14

Gather·Change丨Explore campus renewal from the perspective of urban renewal(图1)

Since the reform and opening up, China's urbanization process has been magnificent, creating a great miracle in the history of the development of world cities. China's urban development has experienced a change from incremental to stock, from "no" to "good", urban management from extensive to fine evolution.


Campus, in the urban renewal action has been supporting and affiliated image. With the popularization of the new education concept, the planning and construction of the campus has also entered a new development period, and the construction of a green, smart and future-oriented new campus has become an important part of the urban renewal process. This issue of "Ju · Change" column focuses on campus renewal from the perspective of urban renewal, and deeply discusses the two-way flow of the two.

Gather·Change丨Explore campus renewal from the perspective of urban renewal(图2)

#1 Campus strategy in urban renewal


In the memory of the post-80s and post-90s, campus buildings may be just one "square box" after another, and it is difficult to achieve perfect unity between the real use needs of teachers and students and the ideal pursuit of space by architects. Under the background of urban renewal, campus renewal is an indispensable cell body. It is not only a container for the happy growth of children, but also a symbol of the cultural spirit of a city, which can become the culture, art and sports center of the community. How to create a campus building with both practical functions and aesthetic significance through innovative design, so that the campus can also organically grow with the vigorous youth of children, is a topic that architects have been concerned about.

Gather·Change丨Explore campus renewal from the perspective of urban renewal(图3)

Chen Feng, president of the Second School of Linyi Architectural Design and Research Institute, as the chief designer of Linyi No. 6 Middle School and Yihe Experimental School, shared his campus design concept for urban renewal with us: The new campus design should be centered on the student group. Through clear architectural language and mature design concept, we can create sustainable architectural space, so that the campus can become a natural teaching material to stimulate children's creativity and learning ability.

Gather·Change丨Explore campus renewal from the perspective of urban renewal(图4)

#2 Focus on campus renewal, how to design for children?


Campus renewal, through resonating with the urban fabric and the original natural ecology, organically links the building, site, nature and city together. However, the contradiction between the surging demand for education and the shortage of land resources still exists in the process of urban renewal. Under the pressure of continuous increase of campus construction density, campus buildings have shown the development trend of seeking space upward and downward.

Gather·Change丨Explore campus renewal from the perspective of urban renewal(图5)

When designing the public space for Yihe Experimental School, President Chen made full use of the steel structure roof to maximize the space -- the open playground was arranged on the roof, the lower level of the playground was the art classroom and the dining room, and the second floor of the teaching building was an open platform. Students could relax and play on the second floor platform within 10 minutes between classes. The clever design of public activity space not only saves space resources, but also the continuous and open large area is more in line with the students' active personality, creating a growth environment for children that can get close to nature and release children's interests.

Gather·Change丨Explore campus renewal from the perspective of urban renewal(图6)

Linyi No. 6 Middle School is to open up space downward - to put the large span of public space into the underground and semi-underground. President Chen said that such as the lecture hall generally to occupy 1200-1500 square meters of long-span space, placed in the high-rise and can not meet the principle of space utilization, and the skylight and local high window design is enough to meet the lighting needs, so placed under it just can release the ground space. The semi-sunken playground is also a processing technique for Linyi No. 6 Middle School to seek space, and a circle around the playground can be used as a stand, and the ground space is further released.

Gather·Change丨Explore campus renewal from the perspective of urban renewal(图7)

Through campus renewal, the school is no longer just an island in the city. The shared design of the open space allows the campus space to further integrate into the urban fabric, and become the image of the city's vitality and culture.



#3 Will prefabricated buildings be the future of campus renewal?


In the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the Development of the construction Industry, it is proposed that by 2035, China will fully realize the industrialization of construction. This includes a green transformation of construction methods and requires prefabricated buildings to account for more than 30% of new buildings. Under the dual era background of urban renewal and "double carbon" goal, prefabricated steel structure is favored. The prefabricated type realizes the factory prefabrication, greatly reducing the on-site construction waste and environmental pollution, and the prefabricated standard parts also reduce the heavy manual labor of workers in construction, and greatly improve the construction efficiency.


Talking about the application value of prefabricated steel structure in campus renewal, Dean Chen believes that the school, as the material embodiment of the educational concept, further encourages students to spontaneously and bravely explore knowledge, explore the surroundings and explore the world through reasonable and beautiful space design. The fabricated steel structure plays a key role in it. With the assembled steel structure, we open a "square box", so that the campus becomes a container to adapt to the growth of children, and at the same time, we use the campus space to convey our expectations and blessings for the new generation.

Gather·Change丨Explore campus renewal from the perspective of urban renewal(图8)

Two schools, Linyi No. 6 Middle School and Yihe Experimental School, have explored the construction of steel structure prefabricated school. The wiskind COLORCURTAIN®  sandwich panel wall used in the outer walls of the two schools also fall under the category of prefabricated buildings. As the ideal external protection material, they provide good airtight, watertight and thermal insulation properties, and achieve a high fire rating, providing sufficient safety and stability. Building envelope products from wiskind have formed a mature application system to meet the needs of continuous production, individual replacement, and reduce the cost of building construction and post-maintenance.


President Chen introduced, "Through this practice, we have summarized a set of experience of steel structure assembly used in public construction projects, including online ASS system improvement and offline multi-project process control at different times, accumulating more experience for the use of new technology in school construction."

Gather·Change丨Explore campus renewal from the perspective of urban renewal(图9)

#4 Focus on urban renewal, wiskind is on the move


With architectural design as the anchor point, urban renewal and campus renewal are combined, from multi-level strategic thinking and all-round design implementation, through innovative building materials, sustainable construction methods, and construction schemes tailored to local conditions, a green, smart and sustainable campus building is designed for children and the city. In recent years, mastercard has always focused on "double carbon", paying attention to urban renewal, focusing on "empowering China's manufacturing industry with green and energy-saving new materials", insisting on leading development actions with innovative concepts, and implementing new development concepts such as innovation, green and intelligent manufacturing into the research and development, manufacturing and application of metal enclosure products.


2023 marks the 45th anniversary of wiskind's founding. Wiskind people continue to adhere to the core values of "sincerity, harmony and symbiosis", with superb skills and sincere attitude, to achieve "all for the customer's peace of mind, rest assured and glory" commitment, is committed to becoming a respected and sustainable development ability of the enterprise.

Gather·Change丨Explore campus renewal from the perspective of urban renewal(图10)

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