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Energy storage container - Core technology leads a new era of green buildings

2023 / 07 / 26

Energy storage container - Core technology leads a new era of green buildings(图1)

Green development has become an important issue that all industries pay attention to and strive to achieve. Focusing on the construction field, the concept of green building, ecological building and sustainable building is increasingly respected, and energy storage container, as an innovative storage technology, provides a new solution for new energy storage and green development of buildings.



Storage box, a giant power bank


Solar, wind and other renewable energy sources are "watching the day to eat", and their power generation is volatile and intermittent, in this case, energy storage containers can effectively store and release energy, and provide continuous and stable energy supply for buildings during peak demand or unpredictable periods.

Energy storage container - Core technology leads a new era of green buildings(图2)

Energy storage box, can be commonly understood as a giant "charging treasure", the internal collection of battery system, battery management system, energy management system, energy storage converter, environmental monitoring system and other equipment. Among them, the battery system is the most important part of the energy storage box, and it is also a beautiful landscape in the core technology of the energy storage box. Battery management system is mainly responsible for battery monitoring, evaluation, protection, etc. As the core component of the energy storage system, the energy storage converter mainly controls the charging and discharging process of the energy storage battery pack, and carries out AC/DC transformation. The role of energy management system is responsible for data acquisition, network monitoring and energy scheduling.

Energy storage container - Core technology leads a new era of green buildings(图3)

The energy storage box can be integrated with the smart grid and renewable energy system to achieve intelligent management and optimal utilization of energy, and has a long service life and a high degree of reliability, easy to move, fast installation, low maintenance cost, green environmental protection, highly adapted to high altitude, extreme cold, sand and other environments.

Energy storage container - Core technology leads a new era of green buildings(图4)

Energy storage box, make the building greener and lower carbon


As a popular energy storage system in recent years, the storage capacity of the energy storage box is efficient and reliable, and has a wide range of application potential. For example, in the power industry, energy storage boxes can balance the load of the power grid, adjust the difference between power demand and supply, and improve the stability and reliability of the power grid; In the field of renewable energy, energy storage boxes can store solar and wind energy, etc., to achieve the maximum utilization of renewable energy.


The "Carbon peak Action Plan before 2030" issued by The State Council clearly puts forward: "Improve the level of building terminal electrification, and build a 'light storage direct and soft' building integrating photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, DC distribution, and flexible electricity consumption." The issuance of the "Program" has brought the "light storage direct and soft" technology to the spotlight. The energy storage box, as an energy storage system in the "light storage direct and soft" technology, can help the building achieve energy-saving and low-carbon operation, provide flexible and reliable energy support for the building, so that every building can become a green "power plant".

Energy storage container - Core technology leads a new era of green buildings(图5)

As an important carrier of energy storage system, according to the international standard size, the modular design is one of the necessary equipment for electrochemical energy storage, compressed air energy storage and flywheel energy storage power stations. It has the advantages of solid structure, good water tightness, strong mobility and long service life. It is more and more popular in the fields of power side energy storage, power grid side energy storage and user side energy storage.

Energy storage container - Core technology leads a new era of green buildings(图6)

The energy storage box has promoted the popularization and utilization of renewable energy, while also bringing innovative energy storage and management solutions to the construction industry. With the further development of the construction industry to energy-saving buildings, green buildings and zero energy buildings, more and more energy storage products will be applied to the construction field, the value of energy storage will be deeply integrated with the new energy and grid form evolution under the "dual carbon" goal, and continue to contribute to the green development of buildings.


In the future, wiskind will actively build a more green, ecological, sustainable and low-carbon built environment to contribute to the sustainable development of the planet.

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