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Gather·Change丨"autumn tiger" down the mountain, the summer of construction is not over!

2023 / 08 / 10

autumn tiger down the mountain, the summer of construction is not over!(图1)

Just after the start of autumn solar term, the "autumn tiger" began to go down the mountain. It will be some time before summer is really over. Under the influence of the "El Nino" phenomenon, this summer, there are frequent high temperature extreme weather around the world. According to the latest data, July 3 was the hottest day ever recorded on Earth.

autumn tiger down the mountain, the summer of construction is not over!(图2)

The extreme high temperature weather makes people intuitively feel the climate change, but also makes the test facing the building constantly upgrade. In recent years, wiskind has been actively responding to global climate change, focusing on the research and development of thermal insulation, thermal insulation, waterproof, wind resistance, energy saving and beautiful building materials, in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Shanghai Lingang, Qingdao and other southern and coastal areas of China, close cooperation with advanced manufacturing industries at home and abroad. For Tesla, Ningde Times, Yiwei Energy, Gree Electric Appliances, VIVO and other enterprises to provide innovative system solutions, the construction of a number of intelligent green chemical plants.

autumn tiger down the mountain, the summer of construction is not over!(图3)

Climate warming has become a foregone conclusion, how to deal with "cool" architecture?


The global heat wave has made buildings "hot". The soaring temperatures are baking the facades and roofs of the buildings. Under the action of continuous high temperature, the strength of building load decreases, which affects the safety of structure. On the other hand, high temperature roasting also brings fire hazards, especially high-rise buildings, and the possibility of fire accidents increases.


At this time, the insulation performance of the building is particularly important. The key to insulation is the enclosure material, high density rock wool and polyurethane and other materials have remarkable thermal insulation effect, and can stick to the true color in the face of extreme weather, which has been widely used in building enclosure products.

autumn tiger down the mountain, the summer of construction is not over!(图4)

Project case picture: Gangyang Food

Application: Wiskind COLORPOD ®Sandwich Panel

Application part: Exterior wall


With high quality rockwool as the main core material, multi-functional polyurethane edge sealing design, low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation performance, and meet the requirements of the highest fire rating, is the real reason to make the building warm in winter and cool in summer, but also the secret weapon to reduce building energy consumption. In addition, wiskind sandwich panel products can meet the diverse needs of surface texture, color and visual effects, giving buildings a more unique aesthetic temperament.

autumn tiger down the mountain, the summer of construction is not over!(图5)

Rainy season is coming, beware of building suffering from "concrete cancer"!


The annual long rainy season is not so friendly to those concrete structures. Continuous warm and humid weather will make the steel bars in the concrete damp, rust and expand, resulting in concrete cracking, threatening the safety of the building structure; The carbon dioxide in the air will also react with the cement, reducing the pH, making the steel bar more vulnerable to corrosion; Buildings facing the sea are more likely to suffer from erosion due to stronger winds, which accelerate the spread of salt spray.


Compared with the concrete structure, the corrosion resistance of the metal structure is more excellent, and the corrosion resistance of the steel plate is greatly increased through the high-quality coating and coating on the surface. And the steel plate can be recycled, is environmentally friendly green energy-saving building materials. At present, China vigorously promotes steel structure buildings, aiming to promote the green and low-carbon development of China's construction industry and accelerate the realization of the "double carbon" goal.

autumn tiger down the mountain, the summer of construction is not over!(图6)

Typhoons are frequent, so why can buildings survive?


Extreme weather occurs frequently, storms are often "uninvited", and there are countless cases of buildings being damaged by super typhoons, especially light steel structures with large spans and light weight and space steel structures. The huge dynamic load brought by wind and rain is more likely to cause building tremor.


However, according to the design and construction of buildings that meet the standards, the strength of fighting typhoons can not be underestimated. SR6® vertical lock joint roof system developed by Wiskind has obtained the American FM certification, passed the ASTM watertight and airtight test, and passed the static wind resistance of the National Building Materials Industry Test Center and the national standard dynamic wind load test, which is called the "carry child" in the wind resistance field, facing the typhoon transit, the building is still "laughing and proud of the wind and rain".

autumn tiger down the mountain, the summer of construction is not over!(图7)

Project case picture: mastercard Workshop 6

Application: wiskind SR6® Standing Seam Roofing System

Application part: Roof


From "carbon reduction" to "low carbon" to "zero carbon", it is the ultimate vision of the construction industry to respect the environment and achieve sustainable development. Wiskind, as the industry's leading supplier of building envelope systems, adheres to the concept of prefabricated building design, constantly explores new materials and technologies, and develops building envelope products that adapt to climate change and are environmentally friendly and sustainable, providing customers with innovative system solutions integrating aesthetics and functions, and becoming an active advocate and practitioner of the green and low-carbon cause of mankind. To provide stronger support for tackling global climate change and contribute our strength to protecting the earth's ecology.

autumn tiger down the mountain, the summer of construction is not over!(图8)

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