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More skills than pressure | become an excellent clean board for you to use

2023 / 08 / 17

With the continuous development of high-end manufacturing industries such as electronic semiconductors, biomedicine, and new energy, the use of clean rooms is becoming more and more extensive, and its role is becoming more and more important, and the cleanliness requirements of clean rooms are also getting higher and higher, a special antibacterial sheet for clean rooms came into being, which is a clean board.

More skills than pressure | become an excellent clean board for you to use(图1)

The choice of clean board directly affects the quality, efficiency and safety of the clean room controlled environment, and how to choose the right clean board is a great deal of knowledge. A clean board that meets the technical standards should have the following "basic skills" :


(1) Panel surface: used for cleaning indoor walls and ceilings, it should be smooth, smooth, not dust, not easy to hide dust, and easy to dust. It does not produce static electricity, is not easy to be charged, and is not deformed or damaged due to temperature and humidity changes or vibration.


(2) Corrosion resistance: Clean rooms usually need water, disinfectant water, alcohol and other liquids to wipe frequently, some disinfection liquid has a certain chemical property, will make the surface of the material discoloration, fall off, which requires a certain corrosion resistance of the clean surface.


(3) Weather resistance: In order to sterilization, biological clean rooms such as operating rooms are usually equipped with strong oxidizing gas devices, which may accelerate the oxidation rust of objects in the environment, especially metals, and also cause the general coating surface to fade and discolor. Therefore, this kind of clean room requires its clean plate to have good oxidation resistance and is not easy to rust.


(4) Construction: Clean room doors and Windows, walls, ceiling, floor (floor) structure and construction gaps, should take reliable sealing measures, doors and Windows of the air tightness, color steel plate connection of the air tightness.


(5) Color: The color of the clean room should be elegant and soft, so that workers can work in a comfortable environment.


Although the vast majority of clean rooms "look similar", there are still many differences in clean rooms according to the industry and controlled environment. Wiskind clean board is made of color steel plate, aluminum alloy plate and other materials as the panel, rock wool, gypsum board, glass magnesium board, aluminum honeycomb and other core materials composite, product performance is excellent, with unique dust, anti-static, antibacterial and other properties, suitable for all kinds of indoor environment demanding clean room engineering, is the ideal clean room enclosure material.



1. How to deal with the test of regular disinfection of biomedicine?

More skills than pressure | become an excellent clean board for you to use(图2)

As a special panel for biological clean room, Wiskind's innovative product, Jienai ®, can meet various disinfection environments such as VHP space disinfection and surface alcohol wipe disinfection. It is weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easier to clean, safe and environmentally friendly, and has been favored by the pharmaceutical industry in recent years.

More skills than pressure | become an excellent clean board for you to use(图3)

Case: Beijing Minhai Biotechnology Co., LTD


2. How to deal with the food workshop roof rust, degumming, drop plate test?

More skills than pressure | become an excellent clean board for you to use(图4)

Through visiting the food processing workshop in the process of use, there are the following problems:


1. slaughter workshop, blood stains, water steam lead to roof rust, affect the appearance.

2. product quality problems, long-term use, degumming, drop board affect life safety.

3. in order to strengthen the panel, it is generally fixed with mushroom nails, which does not fundamentally solve the problem.

4. room layout replacement, later add equipment, etc., need to process the roof, generally cut or replace all, the cost of artificial materials is higher.

5. a roof damage, want to replace a single board, the current word aluminum connection can not be achieved.


Based on the above reasons, Wiskind independently developed and designed a new clean board, is a new manual clean board, this board type with Wiskind patented beam system can achieve partial replacement and installation of the roof, reduce the replacement cost, cost-effective. Modular construction, assembly installation, improve construction efficiency, according to the different needs of customers customized production.

More skills than pressure | become an excellent clean board for you to use(图5)

Case: Hunan Pengjifang Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., LTD


3. How to deal with the high requirements of electrostatic control for lithium battery production?


The production of new energy lithium batteries has high electrostatic control requirements, static electricity will have a negative impact on the production and performance of lithium batteries, so the production needs to be clean, ventilated, dust-free, static-free and other conditions. Wiskind anti-static color coating is to add conductive materials to the polyester coating of the insulator, so that the original insulating coating becomes a semiconductor, static electricity can be released through resistance, prevent dust adhesion and easy to remove. Effectively block the adsorption of dust, suspended particles and other objects in the air.

More skills than pressure | become an excellent clean board for you to use(图6)

Case: Pingmei Longji New Energy Technology Co., LTD


4. How to improve the problems such as visual fatigue and reduced yield caused by long-term operation in the clean room?

More skills than pressure | become an excellent clean board for you to use(图7)

With the continuous development of the industry, more and more customers not only require the clean room envelope structure to be strong and durable, but also to look good, and the color collocation should be comfortable. Wiskind White ® is customized by Nordic colorists to perfectly solve the problem of visual color difference that is common in white clean rooms, reducing visual fatigue caused by glare in clean rooms, and making vision more comfortable. To create a "friendly" environment for clean room staff, so that "beauty" gives new value to clean space.

More skills than pressure | become an excellent clean board for you to use(图8)

Case: Fangling Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co., LTD


5. How to solve the leakage risk caused by the corner thermal bridge effect of the clean room wall?

More skills than pressure | become an excellent clean board for you to use(图9)

The integrated corner board is another patented product of Wiskind Clean, which makes the corner board position smooth and seamless transition, eliminating the phenomenon of air leakage and joint dust accumulation. Special thermal insulation treatment can effectively avoid the common thermal bridge effect of traditional corners.

More skills than pressure | become an excellent clean board for you to use(图10)

According to the thermal analysis diagram, the red region is the region with a relatively high temperature, and the blue region is the region with a relatively low temperature. Traditional Angle design temperature gradient is large, prone to thermal bridge effect, Wiskind patent integrated Angle plate temperature gradient continuous uniform distribution, thermal bridge phenomenon is basically solved.

More skills than pressure | become an excellent clean board for you to use(图11)

Case: Shanghai Maikekang Biotechnology Co., LTD


Focusing on advanced manufacturing market segments such as biomedicine, electronic semiconductor, food processing, and new energy, wiskind has proposed differentiated solutions for different environments, and has provided innovative clean room enclosure solutions for Sinopharm Group, Shiyao Group, Qilu Pharmaceutical, Yili, Mengniu, Haidilao, Yiwei Lithium Energy, SK Group and many other enterprises. With the continuous innovation of cutting-edge manufacturing.

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