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Smart block, enjoy the future of quality

2023 / 08 / 24

As a sustainable building form, modular building has been deeply loved by people in recent years. Adhering to the design concept of "simplicity, comfort and quality", Changjing Technology integrates the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature into the building under the premise of giving full play to the architectural functionality, so that the modular building fits perfectly with the industrial park. This article is mainly about the smart block office.

Smart block, enjoy the future of quality(图1)

The appearance is simple to avoid complexity, which matches the overall style of the park and highlights the texture in details. The office area is mainly black, white and gray main color, no cumbersome decoration and too much color rendering, through the double-layer form to stack the box, the whole strive to be square, flat and bright, to highlight the architectural characteristics of prefabricated buildings, and visually achieve the effect of integration with the park environment.

Smart block, enjoy the future of quality(图2)

Smart block, enjoy the future of quality(图3)

Smart block, enjoy the future of quality(图4)

The office area mainly includes four sections, which can meet the needs of the scene in many aspects. In terms of the flexible modular system, the office division of the smart block is divided into four modules: exhibition hall, office, conference and exchange.


Through the multi-functional modular space layout and soft installation design, the subsequent functional replacement and upgrade will be more convenient, and can ensure the highly customized, highly integrated and cost optimization of the building.

Smart block, enjoy the future of quality(图5)

We constantly grasp the scale of balance between the grand industrial image and pragmatic office needs. As a comprehensive service provider of modular buildings, Factory View Technology is committed to providing customers with high-end modular intelligent space integration solutions to promote the development of green buildings and the progress of building technology.


Smart Block is now officially put into use, want to know more friends, welcome to Jiangsu factory field visit.

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