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Green Future: New campus construction under sustainable development

2023 / 09 / 20

Green Future: New campus construction under sustainable development(图1)

Cicadas sing hidden, autumn wind to the twinkling of an eye to the school season. At present, major universities and primary and secondary schools have opened one after another, and students have returned to their long-lost campuses. With the development of The Times and the evolution of educational ideas, new campus construction plays an increasingly important role in the field of education. With the application of advanced prefabricated buildings and green energy-saving building materials, the new campus buildings show innovative, green and sustainable characteristics, aiming to provide students with a more flexible, safe and comfortable, green and intelligent learning environment.


Over the years, wiskind has actively participated in the construction of schools across the country, and has provided professional system solutions for projects such as Beijing Jiaotong University, Shandong University, and primary and secondary schools in Linyi City to help the construction of new campuses.

Green Future: New campus construction under sustainable development(图2)

Vigorously promote prefabricated buildings, school construction set off a new wave


Education development, foundation first. To make education more future-oriented, we need to build more schools that are safe, comfortable, green and convenient. Since 2018, prefabricated school buildings have exploded in large numbers in China, and their development has become a new wave of campus construction.

Green Future: New campus construction under sustainable development(图3)

The traditional campus buildings are mostly brick and wood, brick and concrete structure, the overall seismic performance is poor. In contrast, the prefabricated steel structure has good ductility and strong shaping ability, which can effectively improve the seismic performance of the building, so it is widely used in campus construction projects. In addition, as a kind of green building, prefabricated steel structure also has the advantages of high strength, light weight, high degree of industrialization, fast construction speed, small footprint and so on, which can help us save resources, reduce pollution and improve construction efficiency.

Green Future: New campus construction under sustainable development(图4)

As a leading metal enclosure system supplier in the construction industry, wiskind always follows the advanced concept of prefabricated buildings, and gives full play to the advantages of standardized design, factory processing and modular construction of prefabricated buildings in the aspects of material structure, system design and process flow in the wall and roof series products, and maintains the industry leading level. Among the many campus construction projects that wiskind has participated in, Linyi No. 6 Middle School and Yihe Experimental School projects have adopted prefabricated steel structures, and adopted new technologies to achieve online and offline two-way control, accumulating experience for the construction of prefabricated school buildings.

Green Future: New campus construction under sustainable development(图5)

Green building materials are "necessary options", the strength of the school can not be underestimated


Green development is a national strategy. The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that we should accelerate the green transformation of development methods and vigorously develop green and low-carbon industries. In the process of vigorously promoting the "double carbon" goal in China, green building materials are an inevitable choice to promote industrial transformation and development and improve building quality, so it has also become a "must option" for campus construction.


Building envelope material is an important category of green building materials. Wiskind has accumulated rich practical experience and developed a series of new energy-saving materials with thermal insulation, fireproof and waterproof, both energy saving and beautiful, to meet the dual requirements of campus buildings for safety and environment, and successfully applied in major universities, primary and secondary school construction projects.

Green Future: New campus construction under sustainable development(图6)

The new generation of semiconductor research and development center in the Central campus of Shandong University is a campus building integrating the functions of scientific research, experiment, teaching and office. The project adopts the prefabricated steel structure with convenient construction, green environmental protection and strong durability. The external wall system uses the Wiskind COLORCURTAIN® Sandwich Panel Wall, the board is made of high-quality roller coated aluminum plate, and the core material is made of high-density thermal insulation, fireproof and water-resistant rock wool. Two sides of the groove polyurethane sealing edge, with good thermal insulation and sealing performance, and corrosion and wind resistance, stable installation, in line with the use of school buildings. COLORCURTAIN® Sandwich Panel Wall belongs to the category of assembly from production to use, and has passed the national "Green Building Materials Product Certification", which is the green building materials favored by schools. 

Green Future: New campus construction under sustainable development(图7)



The new campus construction in the future is full of infinite possibilities and opportunities, which is not only a collection of buildings, but also a transformation of educational concepts and personnel training models. Through our efforts in green and sustainable development, innovative education environment, digital innovation and other aspects, the new campus will be more open, inclusive and diversified, and cultivate more outstanding new generations of talents for society.


For more than 40 years, wiskind has been adhering to the core values of "sincerity, harmony and symbiosis", exploring new materials and new technologies, committed to the research and development, manufacturing and application of building metal enclosure products, serving the construction of new campus, and actively working with all social parties to protect the new generation of the motherland, and jointly build a better society.

Green Future: New campus construction under sustainable development(图8)

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