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Digital technology enables innovative solutions

2024 / 01 / 22

Digital technology enables innovative solutions(图1)

Our country building industry is ushering in an unprecedented revolution. With the continuous progress of digital technology, in 2024, the construction industry will also usher in more opportunities and challenges, which not only need to further improve environmental protection, safety, efficiency and other aspects. At the same time, it also needs to face challenges from various aspects such as market, policy and technology. Only by strengthening innovation ability and technology reserve can we be invincible in this change.


The new engine of high-quality development - digital technology

Digitalization is the use of digital technology to change the original business form, including business model, strategy, organization marketing, etc., to further change the entire economy and society.


If the first industrial revolution is mechanization represented by steam engines, the second industrial revolution is electrification represented by generators, and the third industrial revolution is automation represented by computers, then digitalization is the fourth industrial revolution.

Digital technology enables innovative solutions(图2)

In recent years, faced with the increasing complexity and uncertainty of the global economy, digitalization has undoubtedly become a "necessary option" to cope with changes, and the willingness of Chinese enterprises to digital applications is also continuously improving. At present, digital technology has entered artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other fields, enterprises actively embrace digital technology, improve or even change the original business, management model, and promote the economy into high-quality development.


At the same time, the innovation investment in digital technology can not only enable differentiated products and services to seize the opportunity in the crisis, gain more customers' favor, but also have the opportunity to leverage a larger market in the context of today's full of opportunities, and help enterprises gain greater competitive advantages.

Digital technology enables innovative solutions(图3)

Digital technology and artificial intelligence in the field of construction

At present, China is accelerating the deployment and promotion of new infrastructure, cultivating and strengthening new drivers of the digital economy, constantly promoting the integration of digital technology and the real economy, promoting the industrial revolution, and giving birth to new forms of business in traditional industries. As a pillar industry of the national economy, the construction industry, with the "empowerment" of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies, has now ushered in a new turning point - a large number of new products, new services, and new formats have emerged, prompting the construction industry to quickly move towards a new stage of development of digital transformation and upgrading.

Digital technology enables innovative solutions(图4)

The application of digital technology can improve the design efficiency, construction efficiency and management efficiency of construction projects, and also reduce the cost and risk of construction projects. For example, building information modeling (BIM) technology can realize the whole process management of construction projects, including design, construction, operation and other stages. The application of digital transformation can also enable the intelligent management and operation of buildings. For example, through the Internet of Things technology, real-time monitoring and analysis of the building's equipment, temperature and humidity, energy consumption and other data can be realized, so as to achieve intelligent management and optimization of the building.

Digital technology enables innovative solutions(图5)

The application of artificial intelligence technology will also become an important direction for the development of the construction industry. Through the application of intelligent systems, building facilities can be made more intelligent and automated, improve the efficiency and safety of building facilities, and reduce labor costs and operating costs. At the same time, it can also improve the environmental performance and energy saving performance of buildings to achieve sustainable development.

Digital technology enables innovative solutions(图6)

Digital solutions help customers create quality projects

In recent years, wiskind architectural steel products has led the development of the industry and vigorously promoted digital construction. In the field of intelligent manufacturing, advanced equipment, technology and information technology are deeply integrated. Through the application of intelligent design platform, SAP system and logistics digital platform, the intelligent manufacturing features of self-perception, self-decision-making, self-execution, self-adaptation and self-learning are realized throughout the whole process of product delivery from design, procurement, production, storage and transportation, and service. Advanced production methods designed to improve quality, efficiency and flexibility in manufacturing.

Digital technology enables innovative solutions(图7)

Wiskind architectural steel has a number of production bases in the country, the introduction of a number of production equipment with the world's advanced manufacturing technology level, for different application scenarios, different production lines to provide customized solutions. The above equipment has high precision, accurate processing, high automation level, convenient dynamic adjustment, fast response speed and high production efficiency. To provide customers with high precision, high stability, super flat, high quality, high efficiency, low loss, and more green and energy-saving new materials. Relying on the advanced digital system, the four industrial chains of intelligent design, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics and intelligent construction are connected and closely linked together.

Digital technology enables innovative solutions(图8)

For nearly half a century, wiskind architectural steel has provided thousands of customers with innovative and efficient metal containment system solutions for plant construction, relying on advanced digital systems. In the future, wiskind will adhere to innovative ideas to lead the development, seize the strategic opportunities of scientific and technological change, develop more green and energy-saving new materials, create green, sustainable and intelligent quality projects for customers, and continue to empower China's manufacturing industry.

Digital technology enables innovative solutions(图9)

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