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Features of rock wool sandwich board

2022 / 04 / 08

Wiskind rock wool sandwich panel products using high quality raw materials production and processing into non-combustible high hydrophobic rock wool, high-quality basalt, diabase as raw material, after high temperature melting, high-speed centrifugal into fiber, add the binder, dust, oil, hate water such as a small amount of additives, has excellent fireproof performance, good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, recycling and sustainable.


 Features of rock wool sandwich board(图1)


The characteristics of rock wool sandwich board are mainly as follows:

1. Fire prevention: rock wool board is made of natural volcanic rock, which is non-combustible building material fire prevention material.

2. Thermal insulation: external wall rock wool sandwich board fiber slender flexible, low slag ball content. Thus low thermal conductivity, with excellent thermal insulation effect.

3. Sound absorption and noise reduction: rock wool is an ideal sound insulation material. A large number of slender fibers form a porous connection structure, which determines that rock wool is an excellent sound absorption and noise reduction material.

4. Hydrophobic: hydrophobic rock wool products hydrophobic rate can reach 99.9%; Very low water absorption, no capillary penetration.

5. Moisture resistance: rock wool in a large relative humidity environment, volume hygroscopicity is less than 0.2%, according to ASTMC1104 or ASTM1104M method test, mass hygroscopicity is less than 0.3%.

6. Non-corrosive: rock wool chemical properties stable, PH value is 7-8, is neutral or weak alkaline, carbon steel, stainless steel,No corrosion of aluminum and other metal materials.

7. Safety and environmental protection: rock wool does not contain asbestos, CFC, HFC, HCFC and other substances harmful to the environment. Will not be corroded or produce mildew and bacteria. (Rock wool has been recognized as a non-carcinogenic substance by the international Cancer Research Authority)

Rock wool sandwich board is widely used, whether it is industrial or agricultural, military or civil buildings, where you need insulation can see the shadow of rock wool.

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