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How many grades of rock wool sandwich board fire rating?

2022 / 04 / 14

The fire rating of rock wool sandwich board can reach GRADE A, and the fire rating of external wall insulation rock wool sandwich board is divided into grade A and B1. The fire grade of fireproof rock wool sandwich board is different according to the different materials used. Most of the insulation board can reach grade A, and even if the glass magnesium board and cement board are used, they can reach grade A2. Even the most common plate, also can achieve B1 class refractory grade.



The fire rating of most insulation materials is mainly divided into the following types:

A: it is mainly suitable for buildings with high requirements on safety factor. It is A non-flammable building material, which almost does not burn and can also play A role in preventing fire.

B1: this is a non-combustible building material, it has a good flame retardant effect, even in the surrounding environment in high temperature or open fire, the probability of fire is very low, even if the fire will not spread quickly, there is no fire source will automatically stop.

B2: this is an inflammable building material, its flame retardant effect is smaller than the previous level, in the surrounding environment after the encounter of open fire will quickly burn, resulting in the spread of the fire, can not be used with wooden columns wooden beams and other materials, there are certain limitations and risk.

B3: This is an inflammable building material, which cannot prevent combustion and is itself a very easy to burn material. There are great safety risks in the process of use, and it is rarely seen in formal buildings.

Rock wool sandwich board can basically meet the building fire grade, can be through the fire. Now people's safety awareness is becoming stronger and stronger, and the safety level of buildings is becoming higher and higher, so the demand for fireproof rock wool sandwich board is also increasing. Consumers can choose according to their own costs and uses.

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