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How to select rock wool sandwich board?

2022 / 04 / 14

When selecting rock wool sandwich board, do you often feel unable to start? And rock wool as a core material and the overall quality of the product has a close relationship, this paper summarizes some methods from the point of view of how to identify rock wool quality, let's see!


Identification of rock wool quality method:


1. Distinguish from the color and uniformity: the general color of high-quality rock wool is earth yellow, and the color distribution is relatively uniform. Inferior rock wool color is not pure, and the distribution is not uniform.

2. Identify from the slag content: the slag content of high quality rock wool is less and delicate, and the raw materials are processed from basalt and diabase. The slag content of inferior rock wool is increased, which is made of high furnace slag and other metallurgical slag mixed processing.

3 test hydrophobicity: a certain amount of water can be sprayed on the rock wool board to see the permeability of rock wool. Generally, the hydrophobicity of high quality rock wool is better. The greater the surface area without penetration, the better its hydrophobicity is, and it is high quality rock wool. Inferior rock wool has good permeability and poor hydrophobicity.

4 test fire resistance: rock wool with fire, heat insulation and other properties. Burn a small amount of rock wool with fire and observe the combustion. Can not be burned for high quality rock wool, burning for inferior rock wool.

Learn the above four methods, when choosing rock wool sandwich board, we will know how to choose reasonably, know these details can help you avoid many pits.




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