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Where can rock wool sandwich board be used?

2022 / 04 / 21

Now the construction industry in the selection of materials will pay attention to the fire resistance and thermal insulation of the material, and rock wool sandwich board can achieve these application purposes, the installation and use of rock wool sandwich board can be more thermal insulation, can also play a fire retardant effect, these are the advantages of rock wool sandwich board.


They are suitable for interior and exterior insulation (including partitions) and roof insulation, as well as for firewall applications.




In specific projects, rock wool sandwich board can mainly be used in the roofing and outer wall of industrial buildings, such buildings are mostly steel structure form, in heat preservation and heat insulation, fire, waterproof, sound absorption, durability and other aspects have a good performance. In addition, rock wool sandwich board, as a kind of plate with fast construction and convenient application, has been recognized by a large number of users. It is also very convenient when it is disassembled and assembled. It can be completed without complex procedures, and can also achieve the purpose of beautifying the appearance of the building with varied colors.


Second, rock wool sandwich panel is widely used in with the requirements of the clean production and the work environment, applications include electronics and computer products manufacturing, products and pharmaceutical production, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing, food production, the hospital operating room, and other industries, although some plant cleanliness requirements is not high, but in view of the characteristics of sandwich board can be flexible, dismantling, Rock wool sandwich board is also widely used as the partition wall inside the workshop.


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