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Industrial plant how to choose rock wool sandwich board

2022 / 05 / 06

As a steel-producing countries, our country has a very wide range of industrial building on the application of the steel, now many rock wool sandwich panel is widely used in industrial workshop also as cladding, its facade and its use function, and climate factors, rock wool sandwich panel high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity, strong deformation capability is strong, big span, short construction period, Good wind resistance and earthquake resistance, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction advantages, in the actual selection should be taken into consideration of many factors, so the industrial plant in the choice of rock wool sandwich board need to consider what points, we look down together.




Surface factors:

1. First of all, check whether the appearance is smooth and without pits. If there is a need for ripples, check whether the ripples are neat enough and whether the width between ripples is the same. Rock wool core material color is unified, followed by rock wool and color steel coil plate is loose, whether there is a gap between the board and rock wool.

2. Observe the thickness of the substrate and the bulk density of rock wool. The commonly used substrate thickness is 0.4~0.6mm, and the bulk density of rock wool is 50 grams to 100 grams.

3 when buying more ask, rock wool need to ask density, density is different, fire resistance and quality are not the same, rock wool thermal conductivity, fire temperature, time and uniformity and color. Thermal conductivity is generally less than or equal to 0.043 (W/ M.K).

4. Use your fingers or hard objects to hit the surface of the rock wool sandwich board. If the sound is stuffy and the metal feeling is not obvious, it should be noted that the rock wool sandwich board may be of poor quality; The sound of color steel plate with better material is louder and clearer.

5. Ask the manufacturer of rock wool sandwich board, choose the well-known brand, the product is more guaranteed.



Internal factors:

1. Fire performance: in the selection of rock wool sandwich board in industrial plants, we should first pay attention to the fire rating of the product, and must meet the fire protection requirements. The general fire rating of rock wool sandwich board can achieve B1 refractory grade, grade A is the best.

2. Corrosion resistance: because of the corrosion of weather or processing materials, industrial plants also have requirements for corrosion resistance. When selecting rock wool sandwich board, it is necessary to choose the plate with high corrosion resistance, and its chemical stability is good, so as to ensure the durability of the whole building.

3. Thermal insulation performance: some industrial plants have strict temperature requirements for temperature, so in the selection of rock wool sandwich board core material thickness, you can choose the appropriate core material thickness according to demand, improve the thermal insulation performance of the plant.

4. Waterproof and air isolation performance: in some areas vulnerable to heavy rain and typhoon, when choosing rock wool sandwich board, waterproof structure, tongue-and-groove form material and edge sealing need to pay attention to. And wiskind uses high quality hydrophobic rock wool, no moisture absorption, no capillary penetration.


Wiskind rock wool sandwich board for different scenes, different needs, can be targeted products to meet individual needs. For example, our COLORPOD ®Sandwich Panel is a polyurethane edge sealed rock wool board with two sides toned and toned, which is both wind resistant and airtight and economical. Our COLORGOLD® Sandwich Panel has a full high density water-repellent rock wool core material to meet stringent fire protection requirements. The COLORGEM® Sandwich Panel has four tongue-and-groove, high installation accuracy, smooth and delicate visual effect. COLORCURTAIN®  Sandwich Panel Wall are made of high quality roller coated aluminum for excellent corrosion resistance. CASSETTE™ Broken Bridge Sandwich Panel is a rock wool sandwich plate of broken cold bridge construction with non-penetrating fixed structure and excellent performance. Brilliant Insulated Curtain Wall uses broken bridge aluminum profile as frame, which can be directly used as curtain wall products, and can be perfectly matched with glass curtain wall. In short, you want to look, you can find in wiskind!

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