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Not to be ignored! Noise is more harmful than you think!

2022 / 05 / 26

In 2020, a total of 441,000 complaints were received from the public on the "National Ecological Environment Complaint Reporting Management Platform", of which noise nuisance accounted for 41.2 percent, second only to air pollution. The control of noise is also of great concern. In particular, the industrial noise is in the high noise level, which is closely related to the health of front-line workers. The effect of ordinary materials is limited, so the professional sound absorption sandwich plate comes into being.



What is noise?

Those who interfere with people's rest, learning and work, as well as the sound of people to listen to the sound of interference, that is, the voice is not needed, collectively referred to as noise.


what are the hazards of noise?

Damage to hearing organs by noise:

Tinnitus, hearing deviation, noise deafness.

Noise causes many diseases:

Act on the central nervous system, cerebral cortex imbalance. Headaches, dizziness, insomnia and general fatigue. Still can make heart rate is accelerated, heart rate is irregular, blood pressure rises.

The impact of noise on normal life:

Studies show that 45dB noise begins to affect normal sleep. The noise near the factory is sometimes as high as 70-80dB, which will affect people's conversation, lectures and meetings.

Noise reduction Labor productivity:

In a noisy environment, people feel irritable, work easy fatigue, reaction has become dull. In addition, due to the psychological effect of noise, distracting people's attention, but also easy to cause industrial accidents.


noise classification

Noise of social life | industrial noise | construction noise | transportation noise



industrial noise and classification

Industrial noise refers to the noise generated by the operation of mechanical equipment, divided into three categories according to the sound source:

Aerodynamic noise:

Produced by the vibration of the gas. A gas disturbance caused by the presence of vortices or sudden pressure changes in the gas. Such as fans, blowers, air compressors, high pressure gas when the noise generated.

Mechanical noise:

Produced by mechanical impact, friction, rotation. Such as crushers, ball mills, chainsaws, machine tools, etc.

Electromagnetic noise:

Due to magnetic field pulsation, power supply frequency pulsation caused by vibration of electrical components. Such as generator, transformer, relay noise.


noise control methods

Noise can be controlled from three aspects: sound source, propagation process and human ear. The sound source can be replaced by a small noise device or a muffler to reduce the noise, and the human ear can be reduced by ear plugs or ear muffs.

Noise reduction during transmission can also be achieved by using sound absorbing materials/structures or by using components to separate the source from the receiver. And professional sound insulation sandwich board is through this principle to achieve noise reduction.




Due to the high level of industrial noise, it will not only affect the normal life, damage the hearing organ, but also affect the central nervous system and cause a variety of diseases, causing serious harm to the health of people in the site. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent noise in the construction of industrial buildings. The sound absorption sandwich board is the first choice for industrial building noise reduction, enclosure occupational health and safety, it can be targeted sound absorption noise reduction, is an effective means of combating noise in industrial production.


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