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How much is the color sandwich board per square meter?

2022 / 08 / 19

When it comes to color sandwich board, and how much it costs per square meter, many friends may not be familiar with. Caitu sandwich board, as a kind of new building materials, fire resistance, thermal insulation, waterproof, weather resistance, wind resistance, compressive strength and sound absorption, sound insulation, widely used in all kinds of industrial buildings in recent years, caitu sandwich board not only high technology content, but also very environmental protection, is generally applicable to large factories, supermarkets, hospitals, stadiums, etc. Here is to introduce you to the color coated sandwich board how much a square meter of these problems.


How much is the color sandwich board per square meter?(图1)


The introduction of color sandwich board

Color sandwich panel is a common product in current building materials, which is widely favored by owners and architects. The color sandwich board is a self - supported composite board composed of a bimetallic surface and an adiabatic core material bonded between the two metal surfaces.


Core materials are rock wool, glass wool, polyurethane, etc., surface materials are steel plate, aluminum plate, etc., various materials of sandwich board function is different. Color coated sandwich board not only fire performance is very good, high mechanical strength and has a very good decorative. It is a kind of widely used, highly potential efficient environmental protection building materials.


Color sandwich board price

The price of color sandwich board is determined by the material and thickness of the plate. The price of rock wool sandwich board is 150 yuan to 200 yuan or more per square meter, and the price of polyurethane sandwich board is between 160 yuan and 330 yuan per square meter. Color sandwich plate thickness can be customized, so we should first understand their choice of material and thickness, different scenes of the plate is not the same oh.


About the color sandwich board how much money a square meter of the problem and you said here, I do not know whether we have more understanding of the color steel sandwich board. Wiskind's color sandwich board has a variety of surface texture, color, visual effects for choice, welcome to have demand friends come to inquire.

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