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What are the application scenarios of rock wool sandwich board?

2022 / 09 / 15

In addition to the well-known rock wool sandwich board used for the exterior wall of the factory, where can it be used?


Logistics Industrial Park


Logistics industrial park is generally close to highways, railways and other traffic roads, surrounded by dense traffic, so there are certain requirements for the construction period, to avoid affecting the nearby traffic conditions, and the use of steel structure with rock wool sandwich board to meet the requirements of fast and convenient.


The construction period of rock wool sandwich board can be shortened by more than half compared with the traditional field composite and concrete, and the quality of construction can also be guaranteed.


In addition, there are many trucks in the logistics park. When loading and unloading goods, it will inevitably cause damage to the external wall. The rock wool sandwich board can be replaced as a whole board, reducing the maintenance pressure in the later period.


What are the application scenarios of rock wool sandwich board?(图1)


Electronic science and Technology Industrial Park


The electronics industrial park has certain requirements on the appearance. The rock wool sandwich board can meet the high-end customization of customers. Both shape, length and color can be realized through processing. It is also very easy to install.


This kind of building type often needs to be supplemented with some gorgeous color collocation, which is inconvenient to achieve site composite, and the integration of rock wool sandwich board can perfectly meet this kind of buildings with rich appearance effect.


What are the application scenarios of rock wool sandwich board?(图2)


Chemical industry Park


The exterior wall of chemical industrial park usually has high requirements for the corrosion resistance of the plate, especially the selection of the side exposed to polluting gases is important. A good rock wool sandwich board such as Mastercard's brilliant curtain sandwich board, using high-quality roller coated aluminum plate, has good corrosion resistance, can greatly improve the overall life of the building.


And in the core material, generally choose rock wool or glass wool, both of which have corrosion resistance, and the fire rating can reach A level, many chemical plants will have flammable, explosive dangerous goods, for fire performance requirements, rock wool sandwich board can also meet.


What are the application scenarios of rock wool sandwich board?(图3)





The use of rock wool sandwich board is not only industrial, logistics, electronic technology, chemical industrial park, but also widely used in other industries. Its rich expression has been widely favored by owners and architects. I believe that the rock wool sandwich board can be seen in more places in the future!

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