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Differences and advantages between systems with purlin and without purlin

2022 / 09 / 15

When you consult the sandwich plate, you will often hear purlin system and no purlin system, this article is a brief introduction to what is purlin system and no purlin system.


Wall structure with purlin system


The sandwich plate is connected to the purlin secondary structure by hidden screws at the tonnage, and the wall system consisting of the sandwich plate and the primary and secondary structure together is purlin system. The main materials of walls with purlin system are sandwich plate, purlin and lining plate. The width of the sandwich board is usually 1 meter, and the length of the board is generally the same as the distance between the columns, up to about 10 meters. The purlin system is made of COLORPOD ®Sandwich Panel, which has strong tont-to-wall wind resistance, and the walls' vertical purlin spacing is up to 4.5 meters.


It has the advantage of purlin system


1. Wind resistance

In windy areas, you can increase wind resistance by decreasing purlin distance and increasing the number of screws.


2. High applicability

The purlin system is compatible with most wall systems on the market.


3. Low maintenance cost

If there is a problem with the sandwich panel, replace the new outer wall, purlins can continue to use, do not need a second increase, later maintenance cost has been reduced.


Differences and advantages between systems with purlin and without purlin(图1)                              


Wall structure without purlin system


Purlin free system is a wall system formed only by the combination of prefabricated unit wall panel and structural column. In general, the sandwich panel is connected to the structural column at the end by a screw through the plate surface. Each sandwich panel is a prefabricated unit wall panel, and the force transmission method is clear and reliable. Wiskind's purlin free system uses StrucRock Sandwich Panel developed in collaboration with ROCKWOOL. Through a unique formulation, structural rock wool of the same bulk density has a higher strength than normal rock wool.


Advantages of no purlin system


In addition to retaining the overall advantages of the purlin system, the purlin system without purlin also has the following advantages.


1. High economic adaptability

The wall without purlin system is cheaper because of the integration of the building structure.


2. Good heat preservation and insulation performance

The system without purlin has fewer thermal Bridges and higher insulation performance than the system with purlin.


3. Less material consumption

No purlins and linings are required for exterior walls without purlins, reducing resource consumption.


4. High utilization rate

Although the StrucRock Sandwich Panel is generally thicker than the ordinary sandwich plate with purlin system, the whole wall is thinner, and the utilization rate of the same floor area is higher.


5. Efficient construction

Due to the lack of primary and secondary purlins and lining, and the prefabricated structure design, greatly improve the construction efficiency, shorten the construction period, reduce the construction cost.


Differences and advantages between systems with purlin and without purlin(图2)


After explaining purlin system and purlin system, I believe that you have a simple understanding, when you choose, you must consider carefully to see which system is suitable for your region, to avoid later problems.

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