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The perfect partner of no purlin system -- StrucRock sandwich panels

2022 / 09 / 26

Purlin free systems are gaining popularity due to their high economic adaptability, good thermal insulation performance, low material consumption, high utilization rate, and efficient and fast construction. Then no purlin system can use what sandwich plate, this article will answer for you.


StrucRock sandwich panels


Wiskind StrucRock sandwich panels is clad in color coated steel, and the core material is  the 95W StrucRock™, which together form a structural rock wool sandwich with excellent mechanical performance, fire resistance, and durability. As the main material of the wall without purlin system, the structure rock wool sandwich plate is perfectly matched with the wall without purlin system. When used as an outer wall without purlin system, the applicable span/column distance can reach 7-8 m.


StrucRock sandwich panel core material introduction

Wiskind StrucRock sandwich panel core uses 95W StrucRock™, a joint product developed by Mastercard and Rockaway specifically for sandwich boards with no purlin systems.

Through the unique formula, the rock wool fiber is processed by a special method, which is specially developed for the high-quality sandwich board. The uniform and compact three-way fiber structure distribution gives the same technical performance in each section and direction. The structural rock wool with the same bulk density has higher strength compared with the ordinary rock wool.


Product features


1. High strength

The mechanical indexes of ordinary rock wool are nearly twice that of ordinary rock wool, and some indexes are more than three times that of international ones. The mechanical properties are significantly improved.

2. The insulation

High quality structural rock wool has good dimensional stability and is not easy to shrink and deformation, which is conducive to lasting stability of thermal insulation performance.

3. The fire

Non-flammable structural rock wool, with scientific node design, can create up to 4 hours of fire limit plate, and can block heat and flame spread.

4. The durable

Through ESSC/CIB highest grade durability test, to provide the basis for the overall durability of the building.

5. Sound insulation

The unique fiber structure is more compact than traditional insulation materials, effectively reducing airflow and sound transmission, can create an effective barrier to noise, resulting in a quieter working environment.

The perfect partner of no purlin system -- StrucRock sandwich panels(图1)




Structural rock wool sandwich board has the advantages of light weight, large stiffness, good heat insulation and sound insulation performance, and green environmental protection. It is widely used in the external wall of buildings, that is, it is perfectly matched with no purlin system, fast installation, and also has a good indoor feel.

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