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What is prefabricated cold storage?

2022 / 10 / 28

In recent years, our country is a large population and rich products. People's demand for high quality food prompted the cold chain industry to develop rapidly. At the same time, related technology and material component manufacturers are also making efforts. Over the past 40 years,  Wiskind Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. is committed to enabling green buildings through technology and innovation, and has developed a series of prefabricated building materials. Its Ricerite ® polyurethane cold storage board is a prefabricated cold storage building material specially developed for cold storage buildings, which is widely used in industrial building cold storage projects.


The definition of prefabricated cold storage

The longest stay time of food in cold chain logistics is cold storage, so the construction of good cold storage is very important for the healthy development of cold chain logistics industry. The rapid development of the cold chain logistics industry in China has given rise to some prefabricated cold warehouses representing advanced refrigeration technology and storage and transportation technology.


The fabricated cold storage is a kind of cold storage which is assembled and fixed by the prefabricated heat insulation board through the child and mother hooks of special structure, so that it can meet the performance requirements of heat insulation, moisture-proof and cooling.


Advantages of fabricated cold storage

Quick construction assembly type cold storage is generally built with metal surface heat insulation sandwich board, which can be completed at the same time with building enclosure, heat insulation, moisture insulation, clean decoration and other functions. It is a fast, economic and advanced construction method.

Energy saving and emission reduction benefit from the rapid development of material technology, the enclosure wall of assembled cold storage adopts high efficiency and energy saving multi-layer wall insulation board, steam insulation roof and other new materials, with good heat preservation and insulation, moisture-proof and waterproof performance, reduce heat loss and refrigeration energy consumption, compared with the traditional cold storage has more energy saving advantages.

Compared with traditional civil cold storage, steel structure prefabricated cold storage structure and enclosure materials can be recycled, construction waste generated at the construction site is less, and the impact on the environment is small, which has become the mainstream direction of energy-saving cold storage.



Construction materials for prefabricated cold storage

Prefabricated cold storage building materials commonly used insulation material types are polystyrene foam (EPS), extruded polystyrene board (XPS) and polyurethane (PU), etc. Compared with extruded polystyrene, polyurethane has the characteristics of good dimensional stability, low thermal conductivity and better integrity, but its use is also limited by fire resistance. In recent years, the polyisocyanurate (PIR) has better fire resistance than polyurethane (PU), which can reach the B1 level stipulated by GB8624-2012. At the same time, it has strong compressive resistance, low thermal conductivity, excellent dimensional stability, and has a wider application prospect.COLORSPAR® Sandwich Panel developed by Wiskind Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd., with a new generation of polyisocyanurate PIR pentane B1 foam as hard core material, has excellent high and low temperature stability and higher fire rating, widely used in industrial building cold storage projects.


In the future, with the prosperity of the industry and the progress of technology, the cold chain related industries will also usher in considerable development. I believe that the assembled cold storage will also usher in further improvement!

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