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Precautions for cold storage board installation

2022 / 11 / 04

Shandong Wiskind Architectural Steel Co., LTD. Is a steel structure project specialized contracting grade qualification enterprise, steel structure engineering design b qualification, the first-grade qualification of steel structure manufacture enterprise, top 30 of China steel structure enterprise and China's steel industry recommended brand AAA credit enterprise, has more than 40 years of industry experience and resources advantage. Over the years, focusing on the business of energy-saving heat insulation materials for cold storage enclosure system, through the new generation polyurethane PIR pentane B1 core material formula and scientific joint design, to provide customers with a complete solution from detailed drawing to construction.

Application of cold storage board

Is cold storage refrigeration equipment running condition, low temperature, high humidity environment in the sealed space, with heat insulation sandwich board for building wai system known as fabricated or assembled cold storage refrigerator refrigerator, cold storage board is cold storage, a main structural component of the containment system is mainly used in cold storage walls and ceiling of the containment system, elaborate and its installation quality, determine the safety and effect of heat preservation and heat insulation of cold storage architecture.

Precautions for installing cold storage plates

Remove trash before construction

Before construction, it is necessary to deal with garbage on the roof and wall, remove sharp foreign matter, clean up floating dust, and check the stability of the roof and wall. Check the perimeter of the building and the surrounding of the roof and wall openings to ensure that the base meets the design requirements.

Pay attention to the interface during construction

The thermal insulation board shall be laid at staggered joints with tight joints, and the uneven parts shall be polished and flattened. Rubber strips shall be used to seal the insulation board. According to the situation of the roof and the wall, the insulation layer will be cut and laid. The laying direction is perpendicular to the long side of the molding steel plate, and the assembly is tight. Pay attention to the construction force should be uniform, so as not to destroy the insulation layer.

Cold bridge treatment after construction

The cold bridge parts of steel structure prefabricated cold storage include: all kinds of wall purlin, steel purlin, steel beam and inclined tie rod, steel plate trough parts, etc. For wall purlin, steel purlin, steel beam and inclined tie rod, the method of surface spraying insulation material is adopted. The trough of steel plate is filled with foamed polyurethane.


The strict installation of cold storage board is not only related to the energy-saving effect of cold storage operation and maintenance, but also directly related to the safety of cold storage buildings. A good construction party should have construction qualifications, relevant experience, and be familiar with product performance and site environment. Of course, the pros and cons of cold storage board quality is containment system to heat preservation "hard power", shandong Wiskind Architectural Steel Co., research and development of COLORSPAR® Sandwich Panel, using a new generation of polyurethane PIR pentane B1 core material formula, effectively blocking the heat conduction, heat preservation performance is excellent, by a great number of the owner of prefabricated cold storage.

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