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How is the sandwich board made watertight and airtight

2022 / 11 / 24

The sandwich composite board of Shandong Wiskind Architectural Steel Co., LTD., Ltd. is made of high-quality raw materials, combined with mature plate type and scientific installation node design, to create a multi-functional sandwich composite board that meets individual requirements and integrates fire prevention, thermal insulation, waterproof, weather resistance, wind resistance, pressure resistance, sound absorption and sound insulation.


What is sandwich board

Sandwich board is a new type of building material. It is a self-supporting composite plate composed of a bimetallic surface and an adiabatic core bonded between the two metal surfaces. As a building envelope system can be used to make the building in the appearance of a rich expression.


How is the sandwich board made airtight and watertight

The sandwich board is mostly prefabricated building materials, which are factory prefabricated components. There is no need to nail during construction, but only need to be spliced in pairs like building blocks. The leakage point and cold bridge appear in the gap of the spliced in pairs. Edge sealing refers to the plate using polyurethane edge sealing, effectively block rainwater leakage, improve water tightness; Structure refers to the use of staggered groove between the plates, the joint is more tortuous, prevent heat conduction. The closed-mouth cavity waterproof structure has the function of rain screen to avoid capillary seepage and achieve the purpose of waterproof and air isolation. The Licai ® series sandwich board produced by Shandong Wiskind Architectural Steel Co., LTD. Adopts hydrophobic rock wool, closed-mouth cavity rain screen waterproof structure, and slow rebound seal in the plate seam to effectively block the water leakage point. It is a kind of prefabricated building materials with excellent airtight and watertight performance, and it is also one of the few sandwich boards made of environmental protection materials in the industry, without fluoro chloride emission, which can be recycled after demolition. It is a three-star green building material.


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