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What are the skills to buy sound insulation board

2022 / 12 / 29

The Acous® sound absorption and insulation sandwich panel by Shandong Wiskind Architectural Steel Co., LTD. meets the requirements of sound absorbing materials for noise reduction design of various buildings. In addition to industrial buildings, according to GB/T50118-2010 civil building sound insulation design code, it also meets the application scenarios of schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, commercial buildings, etc. It is a rare multifunctional building material.


For the roar of the machinery of the industrial plant, if the soundproof board is not good, not only hurt the staff, and the experience of the surrounding residents will be very poor, so how should we buy soundproof board?

1. Look at the principle of materials

Sound insulation products on the market are nothing more than sound absorption and sound insulation two principles, sound absorption is mainly through the numerous holes in the porous material friction consumption to absorb noise, such as mineral wool, rock wool, glass fiber, polyester fiber, etc. Sound insulation is reflected by high-density materials, such as sheet metal, SLATE, etc.

2. Look at the manufacturer

The manufacture and quality inspection of sound insulation board need professional manufacturers to do, need to carry out sound pressure level test and analysis of noise at different frequencies, in order to develop and recommend the most appropriate sound absorption products. The purchase of sound insulation board should be as far as possible to choose strong, guaranteed after-sales manufacturers.

3. Look at the convenience of installation

The installation of traditional sound insulation board requires erecting keel on the original wall, filling high-density sound insulation cotton, installing sound insulation board, doing surface decoration and many other processes. Prefabricated panels, on the other hand, are factory-prefabricated walls with the same modulus and groove, which are simply assembled on site.


Shandong Wiskind Architectural Steel Co., LTD. has focused on building envelope system for many years. The Acous® sound absorption and insulation sandwich panel developed by it is a new prefabricated building materials, produced by the factory line with the same specifications and modules. Only a small amount of manual splicing can be done on site, which not only reduces labor costs, but also can effectively shorten the construction period. The experiment shows that: after installing the Acous® sound absorption and insulation sandwich panel, indoor noise reduction is about 1/3, and sound insulation is increased by 100%. At the same time, Acous® sound absorption and insulation sandwich panel has good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, is the first choice for building noise reduction.

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