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What is color steel sandwich board

2023 / 02 / 07

In recent years, the color steel sandwich board of Shandong Wiskind Architectural Steel Co., LTD. has been widely used in all kinds of industrial buildings. Through its rich expression, it gives the building simple, modern and atmospheric appearance, accurately reflects the architect's creativity and realizes the architect's inspiration, which is widely favored by owners and architects.

Color steel sandwich board by the upper and lower two layers of metal surface and the heat insulation core material in the middle of the compression, is a new type of building materials. It integrates fire prevention, heat preservation, waterproof, weather resistance, wind resistance, pressure resistance, sound absorption, sound insulation in one, and beautiful appearance, convenient installation, environmental protection and efficient. Widely used in industrial plants, mobile rooms, clean rooms, cold, gymnasium, supermarkets and other places that need heat insulation and fire prevention.

Wiskind's color steel sandwich board using domestic high quality color coated steel plate, to cold rolled steel plate (electric galvanized steel, hot galvanized steel or aluminum plated zinc steel) as the base plate, after degreasing, phosphating, chromate treatment, continuous silver coating of organic coating, and baked. The whole process through a series of production management, quality control. The commonly used coatings of color coated steel plate are PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride, HDP high weather resistance poly, PE poly coating and so on.

Wiskind color steel sandwich board core material using high quality raw materials production and processing into non-combustible high density hydrophobic rock wool, with excellent fire performance, good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, and sustainable recycling. In addition, mastercard also selects a new generation of polyurethane PIR pentane B1 foam as hard core material, excellent thermal insulation and fire performance, at the same time, no freon emissions, energy saving and environmental protection, widely used in industrial building cold storage projects.


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