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Thermal insulation effect of rock wool sandwich board

2023 / 04 / 04

Wiskind COLORPOD ®Sandwich Panel is an environmental protection building material often used in industrial plants, it has good thermal insulation effect, can effectively improve the thermal insulation performance of buildings. How to understand the wiskind COLORPOD ®Sandwich Panel heat preservation effect?

To judge the insulation effect of wiskind COLORPOD ®Sandwich Panel, you first need to understand its structural characteristics. It is composed of and rock wool sandwich panel, rock wool has good heat preservation performance, sandwich board has good heat insulation performance. Therefore, Wiskind COLORPOD ®Sandwich Panel has good insulation effect.

Secondly, you also need to know the thickness and size of wiskind COLORPOD ®Sandwich Panel. The thickness, the greater the thermal insulation effect is better; The larger the size, the better the insulation.

Finally, Wiskind COLORPOD ®Sandwich Panel insulation effect is also related to the quality of installation. If the installation quality is higher, the heat preservation effect will be better. Therefore, when installing wiskind COLORPOD ®Sandwich Panel, we should pay attention to the use of professional installation tools to ensure the quality of its installation, thus improving the insulation effect.

In short, to judge wiskind COLORPOD ®Sandwich Panel insulation effect, need to understand its structural characteristics, thickness and size, installation quality, to ensure wiskind COLORPOD ®Sandwich Panel insulation effect.


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