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What thermal insulation materials should be used for metal curtain wall

2023 / 07 / 13

Metal curtain wall is a common exterior wall decoration material in modern buildings, and its thermal insulation performance is very important to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of buildings. When selecting suitable thermal insulation materials, it is necessary to consider a number of factors, such as thermal insulation effect, material characteristics, construction convenience, etc. The following will introduce several common metal curtain wall insulation materials.


1. Rock wool: Rock wool is made of basalt through high temperature melting fiber, and then through special processing. Rockwool has excellent thermal insulation, sound absorption, fire resistance and good compressive strength and durability. Not only can provide effective energy saving effect, reduce energy consumption, but also improve the comfort and environmental quality of the building interior.


Wiskind's CASSETTE™ Metal Curtain Wall Systems uses high-density thermal insulation, fireproof and hydrophobic rock wool for excellent thermal insulation performance. Non-penetrating cooling Bridges keep the thermal insulation layer intact. All components are thermal insulation materials with low thermal conductivity. The board is prefabricated and assembled in the whole factory, which is suitable for all kinds of public buildings and high-end industrial buildings.



2. Mineral wool: Mineral wool is a fibrous material made of ore heated at high temperature and drawn. It has good thermal insulation performance, sound absorption performance and fire resistance, but also has a certain softness, easy construction and installation.


3. Glass wool: Glass wool is a fibrous heat insulation material made of glass as the main raw material. It has good thermal insulation, sound absorption and fire resistance, but also has high chemical stability and corrosion resistance.


The above mentioned thermal insulation materials are widely used in the design and construction of metal curtain walls. When selecting the right material, it is necessary to take into account factors such as its heat insulation, fire resistance, construction convenience and durability. Wiskind metal curtain wall products with excellent performance and smooth appearance are the ideal choice for architects and designers. With the continuous progress of science and technology, it is believed that more innovative thermal insulation materials will come out, bringing more possibilities for the development of metal curtain walls. Let us pay attention to the latest developments in the field of building insulation, and make positive contributions to creating a livable and efficient green building environment.

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