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Fireproof rock wool sandwich board manufacturers

2023 / 07 / 19

As a material widely used in the construction industry, fireproof rockwool sandwich board has become the first choice for many architects and designers because of its excellent fireproof performance. Fireproof rockwool sandwich panel manufacturers through continuous innovation and excellence in production and manufacturing, for the construction industry to provide safe and reliable fireproof building materials.


Fireproof rock wool sandwich board is a kind of building decoration and thermal insulation material made of rock wool as the core material and covered by two layers of metal plates. The high-quality fireproof rock wool sandwich board manufacturers have high flame retardant, smoke proof performance, good thermal insulation performance and good pressure resistance.


In the event of a fire, the unique structure of the high-quality fireproof rock wool sandwich panel can effectively block the spread of flame and heat, and slow down the spread of the fire. Moreover, it has good compressive resistance, can withstand a certain load pressure, and maintain structural stability. In addition, it will not produce toxic smoke when subjected to high temperature, which can prevent the smoke from causing harm to the human body, and provide clarity of evacuation routes. Finally, as an insulating material, rockwool has excellent thermal insulation performance, which can effectively reduce the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the building and save energy consumption.


As a professional fireproof rockwool sandwich panel manufacturer, Master has two major manufacturing bases in Shandong and Jiangsu, and the production line adopts industry-leading equipment, technology and production management. The fireproof rock wool sandwich board produced by the company has excellent thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance, which can meet the requirements of the highest fire protection grade, and a variety of surface texture, color and visual effects are available to choose from, and excellent customized processing ability can meet individual needs. It is widely used in commercial buildings, industrial plants, public places and other high pedestrian flow areas.


In the future, mastercard, as the industry's leading manufacturer of fireproof rockwool sandwich panels, will continue to invest resources in scientific research and technological innovation to continuously improve the fire rating and performance of products. Provide customers with safe and reliable building materials to build a safer and greener future!

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