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Rockwool sandwich panel manufacturer - Wiskind FM certified products

2023 / 08 / 04

Factory Mutual Global is one of the largest industrial and commercial insurance companies in the world, providing testing and certification services to industrial and commercial products worldwide through its FM Approvals agency. The FM-certified certificate is universally recognized worldwide and indicates to consumers that the product or service has been tested to high standards in the United States and internationally.

FM certification covers a number of aspects, such as fire performance, explosion performance, cooling water system performance, etc. The certification needs to pass various experiments and tests, FM certification requires manufacturers to provide the thinnest and thickest specifications for testing, in order to prove that the full range of products pass the experiment. For composites, different combinations are also required to be tested separately, or for each product in the combination to be FM certified. At the same time, according to the requirements of practical applications, glue also needs to pass the test together with the material. In addition, FM certification is not only for the certification of specific products, the same product in different factories also need separate certification, can not be mixed.


As the industry's leading manufacturer of rockwool sandwich panel, wiskind has been committed to the development, manufacturing and application of building metal envelope products for 45 years, and a number of its wall and roof products have obtained FM certification.



Rock wool sandwich panel manufacturer -- Wiskind wall FM products


Wiskind 's FM-certified wall surface products include COLORPOD®, COLORSPAR®, COLORGOLD®, COLORGEM® sandwich board and W15 lining board. Wiskind sandwich board is made of high-quality raw materials, combined with mature board type and scientific installation node design. Create to meet the individual requirements of fire, heat preservation, waterproof, weather resistance, wind resistance, sound absorption, sound insulation in one of the multi-functional sandwich composite board.

Rockwool sandwich panel manufacturer - Wiskind FM certified products(图1)

Among them, W15 can be used as a wall lining board, but also as a roof bottom plate, excellent performance, and can shield insulation materials and purlins, so that the interior of the building is more beautiful.


Rockwool sandwich panel manufacturer -- Wiskind roof FM products


Wiskind 's FM-certified roofing products include the SR6® Standing Seam Roofing System and the W38 Roofing soleplate. SR6® is a prefabricated, high-performance metal roofing system that provides accurate and fast installation, 360 degree comprehensive and durable protection, strong wind resistance, and excellent water resistance. The W38 is a steel soleplate dedicated to single-layer waterproof roofing with excellent cross-section performance and can be placed under the same load with large purlin spacing to take full advantage of its excellent cross-section characteristics.

Rockwool sandwich panel manufacturer - Wiskind FM certified products(图2)

Rockwool sandwich panel manufacturer -- Wiskind constantly explore new materials, new technologies, for thousands of engineering projects to provide various types of building envelope products hundreds of millions of square meters, products are widely used in industrial buildings, electronics, biology, medicine, automotive, food, modern agriculture and animal husbandry, warehousing and logistics, as well as transportation facilities, exhibition venues, cultural and sports buildings. In the future, we will also adhere to "empowering China's manufacturing industry with green energy-saving new materials" and promote the green and low-carbon development of China's construction industry!

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