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What is the fire resistance of wiskind rock wool sandwich panel?

2023 / 08 / 11

Rock wool sandwich board is an inorganic material, with good fire performance, widely used in the field of building fire prevention, it is not easy to burn, will not release heat and toxic smoke, fire can also effectively block the spread of flame. The fire resistance limit of rock wool sandwich board is generally about 1.5-3 hours according to the density, thickness and other factors, and the fire resistance limit of some rock wool sandwich board with better fire resistance can even reach 4 hours.

What is the fire resistance of wiskind rock wool sandwich panel?(图1)

With the GB 8624 classification, wiskind rockwool sandwich panels have achieved A combustion rating, which is considered to be the highest fire rating, representing the material's extremely low combustion performance and excellent flame retardant characteristics, with minimal smoke generation and no toxic and harmful components during combustion.

In the GB/T 9978 standard specified in the fire resistance of the material, wiskind rock wool sandwich board fire resistance of up to 4 hours, in the industry leading level. This means that the structural integrity and functional performance of our rockwool sandwich panels can withstand fire for at least four hours without damage, creating greater escape time in the event of a fire, slowing the development of the fire and protecting the safety of the building structure.

And Wiskind produced by the COLORPOD®, COLORSPAR®, COLORGOLD®, COLORGEM® sandwich board have passed the FM certification, which also shows that Wiskind rockwool sandwich board has been rigorous laboratory testing and evaluation, with excellent flame retardant performance and safety.

What is the fire resistance of wiskind rock wool sandwich panel?(图2)

For more than 40 years, wiskind has been deeply engaged in the field of metal enclosure, leading industrial development with scientific and technological innovation, and focusing on green new materials to empower China's manufacturing industry. Whether in commercial, industrial or residential buildings, wiskind rockwool sandwich panels are widely favored by owners and designers due to their excellent fire protection, as well as thermal insulation, water resistance, wind resistance, weather resistance and sound absorption. In the future, wiskind will always adhere to the business philosophy of "all for the comfort, confidence and glory of customers", constantly explore new materials and new technologies, and provide customers with metal enclosure solutions that integrate beauty and function.

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