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What is the bulk weight of rock wool sandwich board?

2023 / 08 / 24

As a leading supplier of metal cladding systems, rockwool sandwich panels produced by wiskind are widely favored by owners and architects for their excellent fire protection, insulation, water resistance, sound absorption and excellent appearance. One of the important indicators is the volume weight of the rockwool sandwich board, which reflects the mass of the rockwool sandwich board per unit volume.


Bulk weight is one of the important technical parameters of rock wool sandwich panel. It reflects the density of the rockwool sandwich board, that is, the mass contained in the rockwool sandwich board per unit volume. In general, the larger the bulk weight, the higher the density of the rockwool sandwich board, and correspondingly, the weight of the rockwool sandwich board will also increase.


Wiskind rock wool sandwich board core material bulk weight is usually 100-150kg/m³, if the selected product thickness is 50 thick, the conventional recommendation is 120kg/m³, if the volume weight is too low, used for external walls, there will be uneven or crease phenomenon, but also affect the insulation performance.


The bulk weight of rockwool sandwich panels depends on a number of factors. The first is the density of rockwool material, and different rockwool materials have different density ranges. The second is the thickness of the rock wool sandwich board, in general, the same size rock wool sandwich board, the thicker plate volume weight will be higher. In addition, the manufacturing process and formulation also have an impact on the volume weight. Therefore, when selecting and using rockwool sandwich board, it is necessary to refer to the technical parameters and specification table provided by the supplier to obtain accurate volume weight information.


For more than 40 years, wiskind has been committed to the development, manufacturing and application of building metal envelope products, providing hundreds of millions of square meters of various building envelope products for thousands of engineering projects. The rock wool sandwich panels produced by the company are selected high-quality raw materials, which have excellent performance and rich appearance. In the future, wiskind will continue to empower China's manufacturing industry with green and energy-saving new materials, and continue to bring high-quality products and services to customers!

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