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Construction scheme of rock wool sandwich panel

2023 / 09 / 01

Rock wool sandwich panel is a material commonly used for building wall, roof and exterior wall insulation. It has excellent thermal insulation performance, fire performance and sound absorption performance, and has become a green environmental protection material widely used in modern buildings. As a professional manufacturer of rockwool sandwich board, Wiskind is committed to developing and manufacturing high-quality rockwool sandwich board products. This article will introduce the construction scheme of rockwool sandwich board for you.


1. Material preparation


1) According to the actual needs to purchase the appropriate size and specification of wiskind rock wool sandwich board, they have undergone strict quality control to ensure excellent quality.


2) Fixings: such as screws, expansion nails, etc., can obtain stable and reliable results during use.


3) Sealant: can ensure the best results in the caulking sealing process.



2. Basic treatment


1) Clean the foundation surface and ensure that it is smooth and clean. Wiskind rockwool sandwich panels are suitable for all types of foundations, but the flat base surface contributes to the stability of the installation.


2) Check whether the foundation is cracked or uneven.



3. Plate installation


Prefabricated Wiskind rockwool sandwich panels are placed on the foundation and securely secured using fasteners. Wiskind rockwool sandwich panels are equipped with a dedicated fixation system to ensure optimal results during installation.



4. Caulk and seal


In order to ensure the tightness and waterproof performance of the wall, sealant can be used to fill the gaps and joints between the rock wool sandwich panels to ensure that there are no dead corners.



Over the past 45 years, wiskind has been deeply engaged in the field of metal enclosure, leading industrial development with scientific and technological innovation, and focusing on green and energy-saving new materials to enable China's manufacturing industry. For each project, wiskind has a professional on-site installation guide engineer to ensure that the product is installed in accordance with the requirements, and to coordinate and solve problems encountered on the construction site. In addition, wiskind has a professional after-sales service organization to register and record the completed projects, visit regularly to understand the use of the situation, and deal with problems in a timely manner. Realize the full-link service specifications before, during and after construction, and create green, sustainable and intelligent quality projects for customers.


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