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How flat is the wiskind rockwool sandwich panel?

2023 / 09 / 06

As the industry's leading supplier of metal enclosure products, wiskind has two major manufacturing bases and innovation centers in Shandong and Jiangsu, and has introduced a number of production equipment with the world's advanced manufacturing technology level. The rockwool sandwich panel products produced by wiskind have excellent flatness performance and can meet the requirements of various construction projects.


The excellent flatness of wiskind's rockwool sandwich panels is mainly due to the following aspects:


1. High-quality raw materials: Wiskind chooses well-known brand color steel plates (such as Bluescope, Baosteel, Yehui, Wisco, Masteel, etc.) as raw materials in the production of rockwool sandwich panels, which must pass heavy screening: Coating thickness, corrosion resistance (salt spray), fading and powder resistance, dust adhesion resistance, pencil hardness and gloss, T-bend test and reverse impact performance, mechanical properties (yield strength, tensile strength, elongation) and other related tests. Due to the excellent nature of the raw material and precise control, the surface of the made rockwool sandwich board is higher.


2. Advanced production technology: Wiskind uses advanced production technology to ensure that the rockwool sandwich board obtains uniform fiber distribution and consistent compactness during the production process, thereby improving the overall smoothness of the rockwool sandwich board.


3. Fine processing technology: Wiskind pays attention to detail and fine processing to ensure accurate dimensions and smooth corners of the rockwool sandwich board.


4. Optimization of structural design: The structural design of the rock wool sandwich board also affects its flatness to a certain extent. Wiskind takes into account the material properties and mechanical properties of the sandwich board in the design, so that the board is more stable when stressed and can effectively resist changes and effects of the external environment. This optimized design not only improves the overall strength of the sheet, but also increases its flatness.


Wiskind has a large number of high-quality metal enclosure products, such as COLORPOD®, COLORSPAR®, COLORGOLD®, COLORGEM®, COLORCURTAIN® sandwich board, etc., all have good flatness, different products can meet various functional needs and price requirements. The plate is prefabricated by the factory, modular installation, high installation precision, and the visual effect is exquisite and broad.


Wiskind rock wool sandwich panel can not only achieve the functional needs of building comfort, environmental protection and energy saving, but also give the building a unique aesthetic effect with its excellent flatness, which is widely favored by owners and architects. In the future, wiskind will always be committed to providing users with high-quality and efficient green building materials to help each construction project get a perfect presentation.


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