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What are the splicing methods of rock wool sandwich board?

2023 / 09 / 21

Rock wool sandwich panel is a widely used building material, often used in wall, roof and cold storage and other building structures. This material is favored for its excellent thermal insulation and fire protection properties. When installing the rock wool sandwich board, it is very important to choose the appropriate plug method. The following describes two common rock wool sandwich board splicing methods.


Socket plug: This method is to insert the socket end of one side of the sandwich plate into the slot end of the other side of the sandwich plate. The socket type connector has better connection stability and wind pressure resistance.


Tongue and groove splice: In this way, the jack end of one side of the sandwich plate is inserted directly along the slot end of the other side of the sandwich plate to form a complete connection. Tongue-and-groove splints are easy to disassemble and have wide applicability.


Wiskind rock wool sandwich panels are tongue-and-groove splice. Among them, COLORPOD ®Sandwich Panel and COLORGOLD® Sandwich Panel have two sides of the groove and groove, using a new generation of staggered double support groove and groove, with more precision and tightness, more twists and turns at the joint, and better airtight performance. The COLORGEM® Sandwich Panel and COLORCURTAIN® Sandwich Panel Wall are four-sided groove and groove, with superior wind resistance and air tightness, no thermal bridge conduction. While ensuring good waterproof performance, the plates can be quickly replaced individually.


In practical applications, the specific type of connector used depends on the project requirements, board specifications and construction requirements. No matter the choice of socket splice or groove splice, the appropriate splice method can ensure the installation quality and effect between the rock wool sandwich plates, and improve the thermal insulation and fire resistance of the building structure.


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