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Why should rock wool sandwich panel be divided into wall panel and roof panel?

2023 / 09 / 27

Rock wool sandwich panels are divided into roof panels and wall panels based on the consideration of building structure and functional needs. The main reasons are as follows:


1. Structural carrying capacity: the roof and wall bear different pressures and loads on the building structure. The roof needs to withstand external loads such as rain, wind and possibly snow, so it needs to have high strength and waterproof properties. The wall mainly bears vertical loads and some horizontal forces, so different mechanical characteristics need to be considered in the design.


2. Waterproof requirements: Roof panels usually need to have excellent waterproof performance to ensure that the interior of the building is protected from the influence of rain infiltration. This requires the roof panels to have special coating or laminate materials to provide waterproof protection. The wall panels, on the other hand, do not require such special waterproofing.


3. Interface connection: There are different interface connection modes between the roof and the wall. Roof panels are usually bonded or clipped to ensure integrity under heavy loads or wind. The wall panels can be joined in simpler ways, such as bolted or welded.


4. Functional requirements: Roof panels and wall panels are also different in function. The roof panel needs to provide thermal insulation, waterproof, heat insulation and other characteristics, while the wall panel is mainly used to provide sound insulation, thermal insulation, fire protection, support and appearance decoration and other functions.


Wiskind wall rock wool sandwich board products are numerous, including COLORPOD®, COLORSPAR®, COLORGOLD®, COLORGEM®, COLORCURTAIN® sandwich board and Acous® sound absorption and insulation sandwich panel, CASSETTE™ Metal Curtain Wall Systems, suitable for a variety of industrial buildings, public buildings, favored by owners and architects.


Wiskind's roofing rockwool sandwich panels are also not simple, with a wide selection of BiLOK®, BiLAP® and BiTOP® prefabricated flexible roofing options.


In summary, according to the different structural and functional needs of the building, rockwool sandwich panels are divided into roof panels and wall panels, and wiskind can provide the corresponding high-quality metal envelope solutions for the roof and wall to meet the various needs of construction projects.


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