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How is the steel plate in the rock wool sandwich board bonded to the rock wool?

2023 / 10 / 12

Rock wool sandwich board is a commonly used building material, with excellent thermal insulation performance and structural strength, widely used in industrial plants, warehouses, cold storage and other building fields. As the core components of the rock wool sandwich board, rockwool and steel plate need to be firmly combined by bonding technology during the manufacturing process. As a professional supplier of rockwool sandwich panel products, wiskind uses automated production lines to implement the bonding process. The automatic spraying equipment will evenly spray the adhesive on the steel plate, ensuring that the adhesive distribution of each steel plate is uniform and the thickness is consistent.


In order to achieve effective bonding between rock wool and steel plate, it is very important to select the appropriate adhesive. In general, epoxy resin adhesives or polyurethane adhesives are used for bonding. Epoxy resin adhesive has the advantages of high strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance, etc., suitable for the occasion of high bonding strength requirements; Polyurethane adhesive has good adhesion and flexibility, and is suitable for situations with high flexibility requirements.


In the production of rock wool sandwich board, bonding technology and quality control play an important role. Through reasonable selection of adhesives, accurate allocation of the proportion of adhesives, strict control of the thickness and uniformity of the coating adhesives in the production process, and strengthening the monitoring of the crimping process and curing process, we can ensure that there is a strong bonding force between the steel plate and the rock wool, and improve the quality and service life of the sandwich board.


Wiskind rock wool sandwich board includes COLORPOD®, COLORSPAR®, COLORGOLD®, COLORGEM®, COLORCURTAIN® sandwich board and other products, all use high-quality raw materials, combined with mature version and scientific installation joint design, to create a set of fire prevention, heat preservation, water resistance, weather resistance, wind resistance, pressure resistance, sound absorption, sound insulation in one of the rock wool sandwich board.


Wiskind has a number of production bases in the country, the introduction of a number of production equipment with the world's advanced manufacturing technology level, for different applications, different production lines to provide customized solutions. The equipment has high precision, accurate processing, high automation level, convenient dynamic adjustment, fast response speed and high production efficiency. Can provide customers with high precision, high stability, super flat, high quality, high efficiency, low loss, and more green energy-saving new materials!


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