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What is the difference between rockwool sandwich board and polyurethane sandwich board?

2023 / 10 / 24

Sandwich panel is one of the commonly used building materials in the construction and industrial fields, which can provide thermal insulation, sound insulation and structural strength. Rockwool sandwich panels and polyurethane sandwich panels are two common product options in wiskind's wall cladding system offerings. They have obvious differences in material composition, performance characteristics and application range. In this article, wiskind will explain the difference between the two sandwich panels.



Material composition


1. The rock wool sandwich board is composed of two parts: internal filling rock wool and external surface layer plate. Wiskind uses high-quality raw materials to produce and process non-combustible high-density hydrophobic rock wool. With high-quality basalt and diabase as raw materials, it is melted at high temperature, drawn into fiber at high speed by centrifugal, and then added with binder, dustproof oil, hydrophobic agent and a small amount of additives, which has excellent fire resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation performance, and sustainable recycling.


2. The material composition of polyurethane sandwich board is different from that of rock wool sandwich board. Wiskind polyurethane sandwich board uses a new generation of polyurethane PIR pentane B1 foam as hard core material, excellent thermal insulation and fire resistance. With high temperature stability and fire rating, while no freon emissions, energy saving and environmental protection, can be widely used in industrial building cold storage projects.



Performance characteristics


1. For the thermal insulation performance, the rock wool sandwich board has a low thermal conductivity, which can effectively isolate the influence of outdoor high or low temperature on the indoor temperature. As a filler, rock wool is not easy to burn and has high temperature resistance, which can play a good protective role in the event of fire. Wiskind produced COLORPOD®, COLORGOLD®, COLORGEM® sandwich board, are certified by FM, with excellent flame retardant performance and safety.

What is the difference between rockwool sandwich board and polyurethane sandwich board?(图1)

2. Foam filler of polyurethane sandwich panel can provide better insulation effect and keep the building at a stable temperature. In addition, polyurethane has excellent bonding properties, making the overall performance of the sandwich board more stable, wiskind COLORSPAR® sandwich board excellent thermal insulation, superior mechanical properties, and low volatile organic matter (VOC) emissions, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

What is the difference between rockwool sandwich board and polyurethane sandwich board?(图2)

Scope of application


1. Rock wool sandwich board is mainly suitable for building external wall insulation, roof insulation and industrial plants and other places requiring higher insulation requirements and fire prevention requirements.


2. Polyurethane sandwich panel is more used in cold storage, refrigerator trucks, food processing plants and other need to maintain a stable low temperature environment. Its good tightness and excellent thermal insulation performance enable it to effectively reduce energy consumption and maintain low temperature requirements.


As a leading supplier of metal enclosure systems, wiskind is committed to providing customers with green, high-quality metal enclosure products. In a wide variety of projects, wiskind rockwool sandwich panels and polyurethane sandwich panels are widely favored by owners and designers due to their excellent performance and expressive appearance. In the future, wiskind will adhere to the core values of "Mutual Success Through Sincerity And Integrity", focus on customer needs, continue to break through innovation, and continue to bring valuable products and services to customers.

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