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Why can rock wool sandwich board meet the requirements of new energy

2023 / 10 / 26

As a leading supplier of metal cladding products, wiskind has accumulated rich practical experience in rockwool sandwich products and mastered mature design, processing and application technologies to provide customers with a range of rockwool sandwich products with insulation, water resistance, sound insulation, skills and aesthetics.

As the global demand for environmental protection and sustainable development increases, there is a growing focus on environmentally friendly, energy efficient and efficient building materials, among which rockwool sandwich panels have become a wide range of options to meet new energy requirements have significant advantages, this article will explain why.


1. Good thermal insulation performance

Rock wool sandwich panel with its unique structure and characteristics in the thermal insulation performance. The design of the sandwich panel enables it to minimize the thermal bridge effect, further improve the insulation performance, reduce energy consumption, reduce the frequency of heating and air conditioning use, and thus achieve the goal of energy saving and environmental protection. Wiskind's COLORPOD®, COLORGEM® sandwich board also uses polyurethane sealing, which can prevent the core material from reducing strength due to moisture absorption, while the thermal conductivity is low, so that the insulation performance is more lasting.


2. Good sound insulation performance


In addition to excellent thermal insulation performance, rockwool sandwich panels also have excellent sound insulation. Its high-density rockwool core material can effectively absorb sound waves and reduce noise that spreads to other areas, providing a more comfortable and private working and living space. Wiskind Acous@ sound insulation sandwich board, can achieve indoor noise reduction of about 1/3, sound insulation increased by 100%, effectively reduce noise pollution, help sustainable development.

Why can rock wool sandwich board meet the requirements of new energy(图2)

3. Environmental protection and sustainable development


Because rockwool is mainly made from recycled rock ore, it does not release harmful substances and can be recycled and reused. Building structures constructed with rockwool sandwich panels have a long service life and do not require frequent replacement. This reduces excessive consumption of resources and reduces waste generation, thereby reducing the overall environmental impact.

As an environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient building material, rockwool sandwich board can meet the requirements of new energy. Its excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation make it an ideal choice to reduce energy consumption and improve indoor living environment. In the context of sustainable development, rockwool sandwich panels will play an increasingly important role in the construction industry, and wiskind will continue to empower China's manufacturing industry with green and energy-saving new materials to help more projects create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable space.

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