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What are the features of the wiskind Flexible Roofing System

2023 / 11 / 17

Flexible roofing, as an innovative design in the field of construction, has many unique features that bring new possibilities and flexibility to buildings. BiTOP® prefabricated flexible roofing system independently developed by Wiskind Steel Products is made of TPO coil and pressed steel plate as upper and lower surface layer, and special rock wool core material bonded between the surface layer, which is manufactured in the factory continuous production line, and has the advantages of different materials. This article will give you a detailed introduction to several features of wiskind Steel flexible roofing system:


Product features:


1. Strong insulation to create comfortable space


- The large number of fasteners and gaskets of conventional flexible roofing are significant thermal Bridges, while the fasteners used by BiTOP® are embedded deep into the floor of the roof, and there is no thermal bridge phenomenon, which provides better insulation.


- BiTOP® preferred rock wool core material, 100 thick excellent thermal insulation performance, obtained by real sample test heat transfer coefficient ≤ 0.40W /㎡·k.


BiTOP®100 thick thermal insulation meets the thermal performance requirements of most industrial building roofing except in the cold AB zone (approximately north of 45° N latitude).



2. Strong wind resistance, not afraid of the wind swept


The minimum configuration of BiTOP® is sufficient to meet the wind performance requirements of most industrial construction projects (base wind pressure≤0.5kPa), and higher wind performance requirements can be achieved through encrypted purlins or nail pitches.


- Tailor-made special wind resistance design calculation program, based on various test data and specifications/standards for design calculation, to ensure the technical economy of the roof design scheme.



3. Excellent waterproof, reassuring roof


During installation:

- It is difficult to protect the finished products between the conventional flexible roof installation processes, and the construction in the rainy season makes the thermal insulation susceptible to moisture and moisture absorption. BiTOP® 's waterproofing coils are coated with rock wool, resulting in fewer installation steps and better water resistance during construction.


In service:

- The conventional mechanically fixed flexible roofing system bulges the coil in stormy weather, preventing rainwater from discharging down to the gutter, forming water at the joint of the coil, and forming a cavity between the coil and the insulation after bulging the coil, forming negative pressure. If there is a welding defect, the rainwater may be sucked into the lower part of the coil and form leakage.

- BiTOP® roofing system overcomes this defect with a fully bonded coil and insulated rockwool, and a jointed slope.



By understanding these features of Wiskind Steel's BiTOP® prefabricated flexible roofing system, we believe we can better understand its value in building design, and Wiskind Steel can bring a more economical and environmentally friendly option to the construction industry, helping to create a more flexible, environmentally friendly and sustainable urban environment.

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