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What are the waterproof grades of metal roofing projects?

2023 / 11 / 27

The General Code for Waterproofing of Building and Municipal Engineering, which began to be implemented on April 1, 2023, is an important milestone for the building waterproofing industry, marking that China's waterproofing technical standards will be more stringent and standardized. Among them, the strategic policy added the four words "to prevent", emphasizing the importance of waterproof engineering, but also reflects the progress and development of waterproof technology. As the industry's leading supplier of metal cladding systems, mastercard Construction Steel has been committed to continuous innovation over the years, and has independently developed a variety of metal roofing products to meet the various needs of the market for roof waterproof.


First, let's introduce the waterproof grade and waterproof practice of metal roofing project:


First level waterproof: need to set up no less than two waterproof, of which the metal plate as a waterproof layer, the other waterproof layer should be selected waterproof coil, and the thickness of the coil is not less than 1.5 mm thickness.


Secondary waterproofing: It is necessary to set no less than two waterproofing, of which the metal plate is used as a waterproof layer, and the other waterproof layer needs to choose a waterproof coil, and the thickness of the waterproof coil is not required.


Three waterproof: need to set up no less than one waterproof, that is, to use metal plate as a waterproof layer, no need to set other waterproof layers.


Waterproof requirements are closely related to the precipitation of the project location and the project needs, the engineering waterproof use environment category is divided into Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, and according to the importance of its waterproof function is divided into A, B, C, according to these two dimensions, you can choose the corresponding waterproof level. In terms of industrial buildings, the industrial buildings outside the high-rainfall areas in the southeast that are not sensitive to leakage belong to the third class waterproof; Industrial buildings that are sensitive to leakage and industrial buildings in the southeast region belong to the first and second class waterproofing.

What are the waterproof grades of metal roofing projects?(图1)

The roofing product system independently developed by Wiskind Architectural Steel products has light weight, stable structure, excellent waterproof, wind resistance, heat insulation, sound absorption performance, and strong appearance adaptability, which is widely used in industrial buildings, public venues, transportation and commercial buildings. Among them, SR6® vertical lock joint roofing system, BiTOP® prefabricated flexible roofing system, BiLAP® sandwich panel roofing system can achieve the first level of waterproof.

What are the waterproof grades of metal roofing projects?(图2)

Wiskind architectural steel products strictly follow the relevant specifications, through a strict quality control system to ensure that the performance of products meet or exceed the industry requirements, to provide customers with a standard, reliable and beautiful roof waterproof solution. In addition to providing excellent roof waterproof solutions, wiskind architectural steel has always focused on green energy-saving new materials to empower China's manufacturing industry, and will continue to implement new development concepts such as innovation, green, digital intelligence into the research and development, manufacturing and application of metal enclosure products, and is committed to becoming a socially trusted and reliable enterprise.

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