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What are the features of the wiskind Vertical Locking roof system?

2023 / 12 / 05

Wiskind architectural steel products metal roofing product variety, complete specifications. Metal roofing sheet material includes: coated steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, stainless steel plate and sandwich composite plate, etc., is the ideal green building materials. Today, we mainly introduce a prefabricated high-performance metal roofing system developed by wiskind - SR6® standing seam roof system, which makes installation as accurate and fast as building blocks, providing more than 360 degrees of comprehensive durable protection, strong wind resistance, and excellent waterproof performance.


SR6® standing seam roof system uses high-performance sliding supports to provide excellent hem grip. The support slide is made of aluminum-zinc plated, anti-corrosion material, and the base is made of galvanized material. Screw holes are preset. 540° lock slot provides wind protection. According to the test, under the premise of no wind clamp, only 0.6mm thickness steel plate is needed for FM-105 grade, and the wind resistance is the best.


The metal roofing system has obtained the American FM certification test, and passed the ASTM watertight and airtight test, the static wind exposure test of the National Building Materials Industry Test Center, and the national standard dynamic wind load test, with superior wind resistance.

What are the features of the wiskind Vertical Locking roof system?(图1)

Product characteristics



Reliable waterproof


- The wave height of metal roof panels is 75mm, which ADAPTS to the waterproof requirements of longer single-slope and cold areas.


The -540° lock joint can provide good waterproof protection for ultra-long single-slope roofing or snow freezing and thawing cycle areas.


- The main rib of the metal roof panel is pre-injected with sealant according to the project requirements to enhance the air tightness and water tightness of the roof system, which can resist the capillary seepage caused by snow freezing and thawing.


-100 meters long single-slope roof, no lap, eliminate potential water leakage at the joint.


- Release temperature stress through the slip of the support and the deformation of the ridge cover plate, and the wind resistance and waterproof performance are reliable for a long time.



Efficient construction


The metal roofing system offers precision, efficiency and ease of prefabricated installation, making it the perfect and proven total solution for unique architectural design concepts and applications.


-SR6® pre-punched roof system, threaded stainless steel bolt assembly connection, fast and efficient.


- After the installation of metal roof panels, the tolerance is controlled within ±0.5mm, accurate positioning.

What are the features of the wiskind Vertical Locking roof system?(图2)

Wiskind architectural steel SR6® standing seam roof system is widely used in various projects, enabling Desai electric pool, Yiwei, Baomilong, Pirelli, Yiling Pharmaceutical and many other projects construction, is widely favored by owners and architects. Over the past 45 years, Wiskind architectural steel has always been committed to the research and development, manufacturing and application of building metal roof enclosure products, providing hundreds of millions of square meters of various building enclosure products for thousands of engineering projects. In the future, Wiskind will continue to explore new materials and new technologies to enable China's manufacturing industry with green and energy-saving new materials!

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