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Classification and application of roofing waterproof coil

2023 / 12 / 15

Waterproof coil roof refers to the roof with different construction techniques to fix different kinds of adhesive materials on the roof to play a waterproof role, which can adapt to a certain degree of structural vibration and expansion and contraction deformation. Roof waterproof coil can be divided into TPO waterproof coil, SBS waterproof coil, PVC waterproof coil, self-adhesive waterproof coil and so on. Wiskind Architectural Steel, the industry's leading supplier of metal containment systems, uses TPO waterproofing coils for its BiTOP® Prefabricated Membrane Roof Panel. Next, let me deeply understand the classification and application of roofing waterproof coil.

Classification and application of roofing waterproof coil(图1)

Classification and application of roof waterproof coil:


1. TPO waterproof coil

TPO waterproof coil has strong UV linear resistance, natural aging resistance, excellent puncture resistance, high tear strength, high elongation at break and other characteristics, it is mainly suitable for various roofing waterproof projects of industrial, civil buildings and public buildings.


2. SBS waterproof roll

SBS waterproof coil has the characteristics of strong impermeability, high tensile strength, high elongation, good resistance to high and low temperatures, convenient construction, suitable for industrial and civil buildings roof, underground and other waterproof, as well as Bridges, parking lots, swimming pools, tunnels and other buildings.

3. PVC waterproof coil

PVC waterproof coiled material is a kind of excellent performance of high polymer waterproofing materials, with high tensile strength, high elongation, shrinkage of small, low temperature flexibility is good, service life is long, the product performance is stable, reliable quality, construction is convenient, is widely used in various industrial and civil buildings, subway, tunnel, water conservancy, landfills, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields of waterproof, seepage control, Anti-corrosion engineering.

4. Self-adhesive waterproof coil

Self-adhesive waterproof coil has the characteristics of high bonding rate, high strength, strong extensibility, good self-healing, cold construction, simple construction, high safety, it is widely used in industrial and civil buildings indoor, roof, basement, reservoir, swimming pool and subway tunnel waterproof project, and suitable for wood and metal structure roof and other special structure roof waterproof.

Classification and application of roofing waterproof coil(图2)

BiTOP® Prefabricated Membrane Roof Panel created by wiskind architectural steel uses Oriental Yuhong's leading TPO roofing waterproof coil (click here to learn more about mastercard related products) as the surface layer. It has excellent bonding performance with rock wool insulation material, and excellent welding performance, which can ensure long-term reliable joint waterproofing, and reach the first level of waterproofing. Bring lasting and effective protection to the project roof.

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